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Subject Effective Management
Date 15-4-2007
Duration 24 Hours - 4 days
Language English
Location Eram Center - Jeddah

This Course aims to improve personal management and communication skills 

Our goals

Assisting organizations on how to use its human resources and economics effectively


Helping organizations on diagnosing and solving problems and obticles that stands in their way


Providing employees with the skills they need to improve their productivity and increase their loyalty


provide youth with skills and abilities that will increase their chances and opportunities in finding a career


Renewing and convoy scientific ideas and scientific experience for executives and managers and supervisors

eRam Training Center In Jeddah

eRam Training Center
 Hamad Al-jasir St. Al-Hamra Dist. Jeddah

Our Values
bullet Putting the customers concernment in the first place
bullet executing highest manners and ethics of old organizations
bullet taking advantage of the latest development and growth in our business field
bullet providing our services according to our religion , tradition, education, and culture
bullet putting quality , valuation, and conhuge development a slogan for our service.

Our activities
bullet sessions on training and development
bullet evaluate consultation and systematic services
bullet seminars, teaching, pulishing pamphlets, administrative directory, and cards.
bullet human resources and training
bullet basic administrative skills
bullet leadership skills
bullet executing skills
bullet communications
bullet finance and banking
bullet office management
bullet hospitality and medical centers management
bullet production management and modernization of industrial plants
bullet marketing and sales skills management
bullet Consumer satisfaction  geometry management
bullet Family and couple satisfaction geometry management-
bullet production and industrial plants management

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