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Securing Supply Chains with Intelligent Video

to Improving Security Across the Supply Chain

Increasingly complex product lines, just in time delivery and declining margins are forcing suppliers, distributors and retailers to find innovative ways to reduce theft and streamline operations. Unfortunately, moving goods across the supply chain is a complicated process that presents many opportunities for theft and inefficiency.

Keeping warehouses secure is a top priority; however, the constant flow of goods in and out of these facilities makes it very difficult to control access and prevent employee theft. Furthermore, traditional security systems are not always able to identify security events in real time, nor are they able to provide a context that links the events across time and space.

CCTV systems only provide passive recording capabilities with minimal active monitoring, if any. As a result, these systems are used for forensics, not prevention. Similarly, access control systems can only indicate when a door has been opened with an access card, which leaves secure areas vulnerable to tailgating violations.

Motion detection systems provide even less security, as they only detect motion. They can just as easily alarm on the motion of an animal as a prowler scaling a fence, making them virtually useless in identifying actual security threats. Even worse, the false alarms they generate consume scarce resources and divert attention. And, in a world of heightened security, false alarms are worse than no alarms because they train security personnel to ignore all potential threats.

Improve Security and Operations with Intelligent Video

An integrated intelligent video solution can dramatically increase security, improve operations and prevent theft at warehouses by leveraging existing security infrastructure to actively monitor the flow of goods and provide real-time alerts. As a result, the organization is better able to prevent illegal activities and identify operational inefficiencies.

Intelligent video centralizes security management by integrating with CCTV, access control, RFID and other systems. The combined solution can identify a wide range of suspicious activity, including tailgating through access doors, employee loitering and vehicles parked near sensitive areas or for prolonged periods. Merchandise can be better protected by establishing secure zones that initiate alerts if goods are moved outside of permitted handling times.

By integrating with existing systems, intelligent video offers actionable 24/7 surveillance of any area regardless of weather conditions or darkness. This integration also provides the situational awareness necessary to improve accuracy and reduce false alarms. The end result is an integrated, cost-effective solution that doesn’t require wholesale infrastructure changes.


SmartCatch provides the most comprehensive, accurate and advanced site-wide intelligent video surveillance solution available. With true behavior recognition capabilities, SmartCatch can detect suspicious behaviors that threaten safety and security in real time, alerting the appropriate security staff for an effective and efficient response.

Unlike other intelligent video solutions that merely integrate with existing CCTV cameras, SmartCatch maximizes investment in other security systems, including access control, RFID and biometrics. By integrating video behavior analysis with authentication devices, situational awareness is heightened dramatically. Moreover, SmartCatch’s varied behavior modules can be used in any indoor or outdoor setting, regardless of water borders or weather conditions.

Finally, SmartCatch uses state-of-the-art machine learning, multiple object trajectory tracking and human reasoning technology, which consistently achieves the industry’s highest accuracy by detecting violations and eliminating the false alarms caused by motion detection systems or simple object tracking solutions.

smartCatch in aCtion at a National Grocery Chain

SmartCatch’s robust security and system management capabilities help national grocery chains reduce theft and improve operations at their warehouse facilities.

Grocery chains can lower shrinkage rates by integrating SmartCatch with their CCTV systems to create secure zones around product areas. If a secure zone is accessed outside of permitted times, the system automatically notifies security via wireless alert. Similarly, SmartCatch can detect if pallets or other objects are moved into a restricted area, which helps prevent their illicit removal at a later time.

SmartCatch can also improve perimeter security by detecting intrusions and tailgating violations. The latter is accomplished by integrating with a grocery company’s access control system. By reconciling video and access control data, SmartCatch is able to recognize tailgating violations through employee access doors and vehicle entry points.

In addition to preventing theft and securing the perimeter, SmartCatch can also streamline operations. Worker productivity can be addressed by creating secure zones around lunch rooms and break areas to prevent loitering outside of designated break periods.

Management can also use the system to monitor warehouse dock areas to identify vehicles that are stopped longer than the time allotted for loading and unloading. Once alerted of an event, management can have security investigate for suspicious activity or take action to expedite operations.

By implementing SmartCatch, grocery chains are now able to actively monitor every CCTV monitor and access door. SmartCatch analyses data from each camera in real time and sends out automatic alerts when suspicious activities are detected. As a result, management is able to reduce theft and improve operations by responding to events in real time..


The SmartCatch Intelligent Video Surveillance Platform offers a unique distributed architecture that is easily deployed on a few cameras or on thousands across a large organization. Multiple behaviors are available and can run in any combination to provide comprehensive coverage.
SmartCatch includes a complete set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration, customization of the user interface and tailoring applications. It works with existing CCTV and security infrastructures such as access control systems, biometrics and RFID. Alerts are delivered in real time to a wide variety of devices including pagers, PDAs and email. SmartCatch runs on industry standard hardware and operating systems.


SmartCatch Intelligent Video provides a measurable return on investment by significantly reducing fines, delays, theft, damage and labor costs.
The ability to automatically monitor thousands of security cameras enables airports to improve security with fewer personnel. The improved security leads to fewer TSA fines and reduced loss from theft or damage to critical airport infrastructure or high-value assets. Finally, SmartCatch provides further value by helping to avoid costly security-related delays and by leveraging investments in existing security systems.

Benefits of Intelligent Video
bullet Reduce Theft and Loss of Goods
bullet Improve Operational Workflow
bullet Protect High-value Assets
bullet Secure Perimeter More Effectively
bullet Integrate with CCTV, RFID, etc.
bullet Eliminate Access Violations
bullet Receive Real-time Alerts
bullet Reduce False Alarms

Critical Infrastructure Protection
bullet Perimeter Intrusion
detects and tracks people, vehicles or other object intrusions into secured areas
bullet Removed Objects
detects the removal of equipment or other stationary objects
bullet Human Tailgating
detects multiple people entering a secure area on a single access card
bullet Turnstile Violation detects people hopping over or crawling under an access gate
bullet Loitering
detects people or vehicles loitering near secure/high value areas
bullet Crowd Detection
detects growing crowd sizes to prevent overcrowding
bullet Vehicle Tailgating
detects multiple vehicles entering through an access control point on a single card
bullet Stopped Vehicle
detects vehicles stopped near sensitive areas for a prolonged period or outside permitted access times

Vehicles tailgating on a single access card

“With SmartCatch, real-time, proactive alerts identify suspicious behaviors before loss occurs, rather than just after-the-fact analysis. Effective protection of supply chain facilities can save millions of dollars; with SmartCatch organizations can stay one step ahead.”

David Beatson
Former president of Emery Worldwide
and Circle International


Breakthrough Accuracy

SmartCatch delivers breakthrough performance on the two most important metrics for intelligent video: high accuracy of detection and low rate of false alarms. Using state-of-the-art machine learning, multiple object trajectory tracking, and human reasoning technology in combination, SmartCatch recognizes behaviors that threaten safety and security.

Site-wide Solution

SmartCatch offers an extensive set of behaviors for both indoor and outdoor monitoring needs, providing comprehensive coverage across an entire organization.

Comprehensive Response Management

SmartCatch provides an Alert Response Management system that enables security personnel to respond quickly and according to specific security policy.


SmartCatch can be deployed on a few cameras or on thousands across a large organization, allowing it to grow as needed. It works with existing CCTV systems and can easily integrate with other sensor and security systems to provide complete situational awareness.


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