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SmartCatch  Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring

SmartCatch sis an accurate and effective solution for detecting perimeter intrusion in sensitive areas.
Using existing CCTV infrastructure, SmartCatch software monitors, identifies and tracks objects for security policy violations and enables quick response through real-time alerts and instant video replays. At the core of SmartCatch is a set of advanced video algorithms capable of performing complex behavioral analysis, tracking numerous objects and simultaneously identifying security threats in even the most complex environments. Perimeter Intrusion monitoring is one of many available SmartCatch behaviors.
SmartCatch Perimeter behavior is a video-based perimeter protection system. The system detects, tracks and classifies “target objects” as humans,
vehicles, vessels, and others in a real time video image and generates an alert notification when the “object” enters an user-defined Region of Interest (ROI) or zone in the camera view. Each region
can have different naming capability.

Multiple regions are supported per single camera view with provision of varying responses per region.

Each region can be set up to track different types of violation like loitering or intrusion. Object entering into each intrusion protected region will trigger an alert. If the object enters into loitering region, alert will not be generated as long as no loitering policy is violated.
As a result, different region can have different types of alert set up. In addition, the SmartCatch Perimeter behavior can be configured to track objects only without generating any alert.

Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring

To complement SmartCatch robust Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring behavior, GPS support is built in to work with leading GIS (Geographic Information) system. With GPS, object’s spatial information will be continuously updated and sent to user. In addition, SmartCatch can handoff to PTZ camera to zoon into the detected objects with user-defined preset positions.

To make the system both robust and efficient, a heuristic based logic was developed to reduce the
background updating frequency when the background is unchanged and increase the updating frequency
when significant changes are detected. This strategy will be useful for reducing the effect of illumination
changes and small camera motion. The solution handles shadows and other environmental conditions
like weather not related to object tracking. Additionally, camera shake is a common problem for
surveillance cameras yet the perimeter monitoring behavior can adjust for shake as well as minor camera movements using a camera motion estimation and motion compensation algorithm.
  General    Software & Hardware
Type of use: indoor or outdoor
Input video processing format: CIF,
Video processing size: 320x240 (NTSC)
or 352x288 (PAL) minimum; higher
resolutions fully supported if processing
capacity is available. High resolutions
can also be down-sampled or cropped to
minimum processing size
Detect object: as small as 2x2 pixels
Video size to classify object: begins at
3x5 pixels for human and 4x4 pixels for
Day and night time(with some illumination at night time)
Slowly varying illumination
Infrequent occlusions
GPS support
PTZ camera handoff for close up object

  Perimeter Region of Interest (ROI)

Number of regions of interest: 1 to 10
Humans, vehicles, and other objects approaching the ROI
Humans, vehicles, and other objects entering the ROI
Track humans, Vehicles, and other objects moving between ROIs
Loitering ROI to track human loitering, vehicle only intrusion ROI,vehicle/human intrusion ROI, human only ROI support
Track objects emerging from water
SmartCatch Video Processing Unit
(VPU) Software with Windows 2003
Minimum hardware specifications: Intel
Xeon 2.8GHz, 1Gb RAM, 80 GB HDD

   Noise Filters

Moving foliage
Snow, Rain, Wet conditions
Shadows cast by objects
Water reflection
Tidal movement
Water Waves
Reoccurring object such as flags

   User Configurations

Regions of Interest with severity levels
Name of the region
Region attributes assignment
Alert on entering each ROI
Type of object to detect
Object size

    Camera Positions

Any camera position with a side view of less than 45 degrees (top-down views are not recommended in order to classify objects accurately.)
Field of view must meet distance and
pixel size for object identification or

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