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SmartCatch  Human Loitering

SmartCatch is an accurate and effective solution for detecting loitering in sensitive areas. Using existing
CCTV infrastructure, SmartCatch software monitors, identifies and tracks objects for security policy violations and enables quick response through real-time alerts and instant video replays. At the core of SmartCatch is a set of advanced video algorithms capable of performing complex behavioral analysis, tracking numerous objects and simultaneously identifying security threats in even the most complex environments. Human Loitering is one of many available SmartCatch behaviors.
The human loitering algorithm detects humans from a CCTV camera and tracks their movement. Loitering is detected by SmartCatch when the human movement remains within the camera view or part of a camera view (as specified by the user) for a minimum period of time (also specified by the user.) Loitering includes any type of human movement such as running or walking within a loitering range by at least one human in the camera view.

Multiple humans may loiter near or at the same time and SmartCatch tracks each loiterer individually.
  General    Hardware Usage
bullet Type of use: indoor
bullet Maximum number of concurrent human tracks: 5
bullet Input video processing format: CIF,
bullet Video processing size: 320x240(NTSC) or
352x288(PAL) minimum; higher resolutions fully supported if processing capacity is available. High resolutions can also be downsized or cropped to minimum processing size
bullet Minimum video size to detect human: 6x6 pixels (head size) at 320x240
bullet Number of regions of interest: 0 to 10
bullet Recommended minimum camera distance
from human: 6 meters or 20 feet with
standard lens
bullet Recommended maximum camera
distance from human: 30 meters or 98
feet with standard lens*
bullet SmartCatch Video Processing Unit (VPU)
Software with Windows 2003 Server
bullet Minimum hardware specifications: Intel
Xeon 2.8GHz, 1GB RAM, 80 GB HDD
bullet Xeon consumption: 20% of Xeon
processor per human tracks
bullet Maximum number of cameras with
loitering behavior per Xeon CPU: 2

   User Configurations

bullet Minimum loiter time setting: 5 seconds
bullet Maximum loiter time setting: 10 minutes
bullet Regions of interests may be defined by
rectangles, ovals, or any polygon
   Recommended Camera Positions

   Human Loitering Calibration Parameters
bullet Loitering time
bullet Detector parameter file
bullet Region of interest settings
bullet Maximum number of humans
bullet Image processing scale

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