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What is SmartCatch
SmartCatch™ is a behavior- and rule-based video surveillance software optimizing the network of video cameras you use to monitor secure locations, e.g. in airports and other traffic hubs or in companies and public institutions. SmartCatch™ is based on standardized sets of behaviour-based surveillance functions including the following scenarios: access control, perimeter monitoring, objects such as packages that are unattended over a certain length of time or human loitering at security entrances and exits or near sensitive areas. Registered incidents are analyzed and interpreted in real time by SmartCatch™ . This enables the necessary response, from real-time alerts to escalation management - fast.

With SmartCatch™, you'll be making the wisest investment possible: the software is compatible with existing camera systems and infrastructures. This lets you manage your security infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

SmartCatch™ - the intelligent supplement for your optical surveillance system.
Access Control
    SmartCatch addresses a long-standing problem faced by facilties management: controlling access to secure and sensitive areas. It is effective at identifying tailgating/piggybacking by humans and vehicles, as well as monitoring exit-entry lanes for directional traffic. By directly integrating with access control systems it combines identification information with behavior analysis.
Perimeter Monitoring
    With its advanced object classification and behavior recognition algorithms,
SmartCatch can accurately detect, classify and track a variety of objects including people, vehicles, bags and other objects.
Asset Protection
    SmartCatch can protect assets by detecting and tracking suspicious behaviors like loitering near areas where high value items are stored or monitoring for large sized vehicles near sensitive areas, reducing risk and liability.
The software for behavior-based, real-world video surveillance.

SmartCatch™ is based on a new, high-performance, advanced algorithm developed in over three years of work at NEC Labs. This algorithm enables parallel surveillance of numerous persons and objects as well as simultaneous identification of security risks – in the most complex environments , inside and out, regardless of weather conditions. This makes SmartCatch™ far superior to comparable products. SmartCatch™ is already used at major airports such as San Francisco International, Salt Lake City and San Diego as well as by major companies and institutions.
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