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Security and safety are major concerns facing all organizations today. In response, millions of CCTV cameras have been installed worldwide to control access, secure perimeters and monitor for theft, damage or attack. These cameras are watched by busy security personnel with other duties to perform, recorded for later review or even completely unattended. This reactive, after-the-fact approach cannot deliver the level of effective real-time security needed today.
SmartCatch provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and advanced intelligent video surveillance software available today. With true behavior recognition capabilities SmartCatch can detect suspicious behaviors that threaten safety and security in real-time, alerting the appropriate security staff for effective and efficient response. By using state of the art machine learning, multiple object trajectory tracking and human reasoning technology, SmartCatch consistently achieves the industry’s highest accuracy rate, eliminating the false alarms often caused by motion detection systems or simple object tracking solutions. A comprehensive set of behaviors is available for use both indoors and out, offering complete coverage across the entire enterprise. SmartCatch works with existing CCTV cameras and can be easily integrated with other security systems such as access control, biometrics and RFID.
Automated Real-Time Video Monitoring
    Monitors, analyzes and interprets video in real time, alerting appropriate security staff via a variety of methods when specific behaviors that threaten safety and security are detected.
Accurate Detection of Security Violations
    SmartCatch accurately detects specific behaviors that violate security policy. It works both indoors and outdoors under complex real world environments, consistently achieving the industry’s highest level of accuracy.
Policy-based Response Management
    SmartCatch can be easily configured to implement your specific policies for alert responses and escalation procedures.
Works With Existing Surveillance Infrastructure
    SmartCatch works with all of your existing CCTV cameras and is easily integrated with other sensor and security management platforms.
Easy to Set-Up And Use
    SmartCatch is easy to configure for your specific security policies including when, where and how alerts are delivered, escalation of notification and delivery via a wide variety of communication devices. SmartCatch enables viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously, shows alert details and provides a listing of previous alerts.
SmartCatchat a glance
Scalable video platform
N-tier distributed software architecture for small- to large-scale installations
Can be integrated into many types of video hardware
Numerous APIs for platform expansion (e.g. PDAs, mobile telephones, pagers), depending on needs
Fast commissioning, simple operation
User-friendly interfaces for configuring and controlling functions
Standardized sets of behavior-based surveillance functions
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