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SmartCatch  Exit Lane

Using existing CCTV infrastructure, SmartCatch software monitors, identifies and tracks objects for security policy violations and enables quick response through real-time alerts and instant video replays. At the core of SmartCatch is a set of advanced video algorithms capable of performing complex behavioral analysis, tracking numerous objects and simultaneously identifying security threats in even the most complex environments. Exit lane is one of many available SmartCatch behaviors..
SmartCatch Exit Lane behavior detects humans and objects moving in a predefined direction. It is called “Exit Lane” because this behavior is generally used at an airport exit lane for detecting when a person goes the “wrong way” exiting an airport terminal.

A security breach occurs when someone enters a secure area from an opening designed specifically for exiting, and no other barriers exist to prevent such movement from happening. The SmartCatch Exit Lane behavior detects a violator when they cross a predefined line in the exit corridor. Any person or object that crosses the line from the wrong side will cause an event to be generated.

SmartCatch include two types of line crossings: a warning line that generates an event when crossed for low severity violation information, and an Alert line that generates a high priority event, such as an Alarm.
  General    Hardware Usage
Type of use: indoor
Input video processing format: CIF,
Video processing size: 320x240 (NTSC)
or 352x288 (PAL)minimum; higher
resolutions fully supported if processing
capacity is available. High resolutions
can also be downsized or cropped to
minimum processing size
Minimum video size to detect object: 3x3
pixels at 320x240
Maximum range: 50 ft (15 m) from the
alert line with standard lens
Slowly varying illumination
Scenes with people and object movement are accepted
Unlimited objects in exit direction
Crowded scenes are accepted
SmartCatch Video Processing Unit
(VPU) Software with Windows 2003
Minimum hardware specifications: Intel
Xeon 2.8GHz, 1Gb RAM, 80 GB HDD

   Robustness Filters

Varying lighting conditions
Shadows cast by objects
Guard recognition filter

   User Configurations

Warning zone line
Alert zone line
Onsite alert response options including
support for beacons, alarms, or other serial
and dry contact switch devices
   Recommended Camera Positions

Unsecured Area

secured Area

Camera positions may subject to change based on site survey results.

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