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SmartCatch Case study
Industry General Aviation
Customer San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Solution SmartCatch Access
Customer profile
Based on passenger traffic, SFO is the 11th largest U.S airport and the 19th largest in the world. 81% of all foreign visitors to San Francisco Bay Area use this airport as their port of entry. SFO is committed to being recognized as the world leader in setting the standard for aviation safety and security.
Business benefits    
Challenge Solution Benefits
Limited human resources to monitor the employee access gates 24x7 SmartCatch Access for automatic, real time monitoring of the controlled access doors using existing CCTV cameras Eliminates the need for presence of human monitors at the doors to detect violations
Need to tightly control
employee access to the sterile areas of the airport
SmartCatch Access for Anti-tailgating at the access doors; Monitors cameras at the doors in real time and generates alerts for 1st responders Real time response to insure comprehensive, accurate facility
Need a security management tool to effectively monitor and enforce airport access control
SmartCatch provides extensive data with reports and graphs for trend analysis Data helps in security policy enhancements, training needs, management communication and improved facilities management
Fuse information between
CCTV and Access Control
SmartCatch with its open API facilitates integration between Access Control and CCTV systems Fusing identify with behavior facilitates complete incident analysis
Scant resources to administer the system Easy to use graphical user interface for installation, alert monitoring and response; Web access to Alert logs and Video Alert clips No special training or resources to monitor and maintain the system
Budget limitations Uses the existing CCTV infrastructure to directly tap into existing video feeds for real time monitoring No additional trenching, wiring or proprietary hardware required
Feedback Before installing SmartCatch, on a periodic basis each of us would go and sit at the access doors for a couple of hours at a time and catch people violating our access control policies. Since we have over 150 access doors it was physically impossible for us to be monitoring all the access doors all the time not to mention the amount of time we had to spend just standing at the access doors looking for violators. With SmartCatch not only the system automatically alert to the violations in real time but it also generates a short video clip of the alert which we then use take further corrective action. It has freed us to pursue other
aviation security issues. Since installation SmartCatch has effectively monitored close to 55,000 events with accuracy rate of over 95%

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