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Delivering The Mobile Way of Business
Dexterra is the fastest-growing mobile enterprise software and tools company in the world, enjoying triple-digit growth year over year since its inception in 2002. More mobile and industry leaders such as Dell, Vodafone and Motorola are increasingly choosing the Dexterra platform and mobile software suite over outdated technology and tactical point solutions because they offer lower risk, greater returns, easier adoption and a longer useful lifespan over any other competing solution.

Dexterra was started by a group of highly experienced businesspeople who pioneered the “outside-in” approach to developing mobile applications that so many vendors today are now attempting to adopt. By focusing on the real needs of the user out in the field and coupling them with business process expertise and technology best practices, Dexterra built a mobile platform and application suite Gartner recently positioned in the upper end of the ''Visionary'' Quadrant of its MultiChannel Access Gateway Report.

But what makes it visionary?

Perhaps it’s how we’ve built our mobile enterprise software from composite applications using a service-oriented architecture (SOA) – fully integrated with multiple back-end systems, specifically designed for easy customization and able to be modified as needs change – all without disrupting existing IT environments.

Or maybe it's because Dexterra is so easy to learn and use, even the most process- or technology-averse employees will quickly become enthusiasts – be they developers or road warriors.

Or perhaps it’s because our software can be up and running in weeks, rather than the months traditionally required by enterprise applications.

Or it could be the unparalleled ease with which our customers can adapt our software to evolve alongside ever-changing business processes and technology advances.

Or maybe it’s the fast, tangible business results our customers are delighted to see quarter upon quarter after they’ve implemented.

Our customers can do all of the above because Dexterra has adopted a dramatically different design philosophy in developing its products, centered on the idea that “mobile” is more a way of business than anything else.

The results speak for themselves:

  1. Two of the world’s largest wireless carriers have chosen to work with Dexterra and recommend only Dexterra to their most important customers.
  2. One of the world’s pre-eminent manufacturers of mobile devices runs its mobility business on Dexterra and recommends only Dexterra to its customers.

    One of the world’s largest personal computer manufacturers trusts only Dexterra to be its mobile command center for servicing its most mission-critical customers.

    The world’s most profitable airline is using Dexterra to further improve the exceptional customer service for which it is already known.

These companies are adopting The Mobile Way of Business. They understand and “get” Mobile. That’s why they got Dexterra

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