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Reaction Process Systems

Oval conveyor systems The mould carriers are designed as cassettes and mounted on carriages for fast and easy mould-carrier changes... more

Chain-driven rotary tables for high loads The rotary table is a welded construction using standardized segments... more

Gear-driven rotary tables for small diameters The cantilevered turntable can either be welded from standardized segments or have a spoked design... more

Slush moulding machines The basic unit consists of an oil-heated slush moulding unit with double-walled moulds and a power supply unit with temperature-control unit and heat exchanger... more

Overhead conveyor systems – Star Trac Plus conveyors with overhead system

In these systems, the drive units for transporting mould carriers or moulds are attached to an overhead conveyor... more
Overhead conveyor systems – Star Trac Plus conveyors with floor guide

The carriage units for conveying the mould carriers or moulds are located on the hall floor... more
Stationary systems In stationary systems, moulds or mould carriers are held immobile... more

Panel foaming KraussMaffei offers a variety of discontinuous panel foaming technologies and solutions to suit each customer’s special production needs... more

Robots and mixing head manipulators Manipulators or robots are used to execute precisely reproducible pour patterns across the mould... more

Door foaming With the RotoStar drum unit, KraussMaffei offers a reliable door foaming and processing solution... more

Cabinet foaming fixtures KraussMaffei offers a choice of technologies for cabinet foaming fixtures... more

Pallet conveyors Pallet conveyors move transport pallets independently of one another, by means of stationary drive units, along stationary conveyor routes... more
   KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery  
KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery

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KraussMaffei is one of the biggest names in plastics processing technology, designing, manufacturing and supplying leading edge injection and extrusion equipment.

Committed to continuous improvements and with a solutions-based approach, we work closely with our customers and supply chains to deliver productivity improvements, technological breakthroughs and market-leading innovations.


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