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Side-Entry Robots

KraussMaffei’s range of SR side-entry robots are the answer for systems capable of total cycle times under four seconds. Side-entry robots are ideal for demoulding thin-walled articles and medical products and in other fast-cycling applications.


SR series robots are engineered on a modular basis. They can demold parts from single-cavity or stack moulds. They are key components in solutions for high speed in-mould labelling applications. KraussMaffei offers standardized IML applications for a range of products, including lids and containers. We offer you a decisive benefit: as a system partner, we work closely with you to provide you with the best system solution possible – the machine, the process engineering and the robot.

SR series side entry robots are engineered to team up optimally with small and medium-sized injection moulding machines.

An SR can be configured for standard demoulding or for in-mould labelling:

Standalone robot cell - harmonized system. The standardized KraussMaffei robot cells include all the components required for high-speed demoulding – a side-entry robot installed on a rugged steel frame with a conveyor belt and a “butterfly” station for handshake transfer of the demoulded parts. IML cells are also equipped with label magazines and ionization units. Positioning of the cell is next to the injection moulding machine, aligned with the mould midline. Cells can be transported easily using a factory truck or a crane.
Installing the side entry robot on a console installed on the fixed platen of the injection moulding machine is a straightforward solution.


Basic robot:

The engineering brief put high priority on bending and torsional stiffness. This design, together with high-performance servomotors, makes it possible to achieve extremely fast demoulding and very short cycle times. This means the SR is ideal for production systems making thin-walled articles. In low-ceilinged production areas, the SR is a genuine alternative for demoulding.


Cleanroom applications:

The SR is ideal for cleanroom applications. Integrating the power supply lines up to the point of gripper interface has eliminated loose cables and tubing. The valve terminal is integrated into the basic robot. Instead of the venturi principle offered in the standard version, the SR can be fitted with a vacuum pump to supply the necessary media without causing any air turbulence. The same applies to the cooling system. A water-cooled drive instead of a separate fan will reduce air turbulence. Advantage for cleanroom production cells: the laminar flow box can simply be installed above the cell.

Control system:

Flexibility is a high priority here. You know your own requirements best, so we offer you the choice of integrated or standalone control systems. Integrated control means that the KraussMaffei control system, using bus technology, is the communication interface between the injection moulding machine and the integrated side-entry robot. Fast data communication saves time and the system gives you the option of saving data from the injection machine and the robot in one data record – it’s convenient and secure. The alternative is a standalone SR-S robot. Standalone robots are mainly used to retrofit already installed KraussMaffei injection moulding machines, to robotize machines from other manufacturers or to maintain the flexibility of your production. Whichever control concept you choose, it will always be based on KraussMaffei’s tried-and-tested MC5 control system. Our priorities in developing the systems were self-explanatory programming, using our programming software, this task can be done online of offline, simple production start-up and intuitive operation.

Benefits for customers

  • Extremely short cycle times: dry cycle time with an SR side-entry robot is under 0.4 s.
  • High payloads based on extremely high speeds and acceleration.
  • The slim basic design means that an SR can operate with very brief mould opening times. This contributes to the very short total cycle times that offer enormous potential for savings.
  • Highly flexible, the SR can be used with different mould designs: single- and multi-cavity moulds.
  • A simple operating concept, a proven control system and the choice of an integrated or stand-alone version.
  • You get a complete manufacturing cell where all components – machine, robot and peripherals – are guaranteed to work perfectly together.
  • IML cells as complete turnkey systems from a single supplier
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SR/SR-S series side entry robots (129.86 kb)

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