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Reaction Technology

   Mixer Screws by Xaloy  

Add one of our three patented mixers to your screw for better results with color, fillers, reinforcements and/or other ingredients.

   Nano™ Mixer              Download PDF

  • Breaks up and disperses agglomerates of color or filler into nano-size particles using shear and multiple reorientations of the melt stream.
  • Self-cleaning action.
  • Injection molding or extrusion

   StrataBlend® II Download PDF
  • Intensive, chaotic distributive mixing: ideal for processing materials with high levels of color, filler or reinforcement, including nano clays.

  • Low shear.

  • Smoothes out temperature variations.

  • Injection molding or extrusion.

Xaloy Feed Screws Give You the Edge in Molding and Extrusion

Xaloy feed screws for plastics are built to deliver optimum performance and service life in various melt-processing environments.

For recommended screw and barrel designs and materials for your process and materials Click here

Fusion™ II screw

Delivers enhanced mixing while retaining benefits of the original Fusion™ screw, namely higher output and lower melt temperature.
  •   Injection molding
  •   Extrusion
  •   Blow molding.
Fusion™ II screw

MultiMelt™ injection molding screw

Universal" screw works with almost any polymer except rigid PVC. Combines productivity benefits of barrier flights for melting with an integrated StrataBlend® II mixer for improved color and additive dispersion and temperature homogeneity. MultiMelt™ injection molding screw

EasyMelt™ injection molding screw

Combines the simplicity and economy of a conventional three-zone screw with the productivity and quality benefits of optimum material feeding, melting and metering. EasyMelt™ injection molding screw

Fusion™ Screw Efficient™ Extrusion Screw OEM replacements
New-generation barrier screw boosts productivity, lowers melt temperature and improves color/additive dispersion in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. Barrier screw for extrusion proven for more than 30 years in the field. Precise reproduction of the geometry, materials and finish of the original components that came with your machine.
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