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PETForm is an efficient, high-performance, modular platform for manufacturing PET preforms PETForm systems are available in a clamp force range from 175 to 320 t. We’ll customize your system, based on the appropriate modules, to run moulds from 24 to 96 cavities on machines with the lowest tonnage. We’re experts at getting the best balance between machine performance and low unit manufacturing costs. KraussMaffei’s vertical clamp is the basis for production cells that are highly productive and flexible, with an excellent track record for reliability and high availability.

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The vertical clamp is an outstanding feature of PETForm systems. Designing it, our engineers worked on the ‘keep-it-simple’ principle. The PETForm process exploits the laws of gravity. The preforms are “dropped” from the cavity directly into the product-specific, lightweight gripper which transfers them immediately to a separate four-stage chiller station. This ingenious design is decisive for the fast, efficient stripping process and for the reliability and availability of the whole system. The resulting high productivity is the best basis for an excellent return on your investment.


The vertical clamp and an optimized platen guide system ensure excellent platen parallelism for gentle, precise mould closing and low mould wear. Customers have documented PETForm moulds in operation for up to 15,000,000 cycles without the need for an overhaul. Also contributing to high productivity are the reduced cycle times thanks to parallel axis movements made possible by an electric injection unit and a generously dimensioned power pack. Another effect of the simplified stripping process is to minimize the opening stroke, which also contributes to shorter cycles. High-performance screws, specially modified for the PETForm process, ensure high material throughput and a gentle plasticizing process. Short cycles are not the only benefit; there’s also the very high yield of good parts – with low acetaldehyde content and tight tolerances. Although PETForm systems are highly dynamic and responsive, they are also economical to operate. With its vertical clamp, the PETForm system has a smaller footprint than competitor systems. Pressurized air consumption is far lower, because gravity-assisted ejection is easier and, thanks partly to the minimal opening stroke, also more reliable than in the case of horizontal machine concepts. Preform transfer is not vacuum-assisted. Only very light masses must be moved, so that power consumption is comparatively low. The all-electric injection unit also contributes to lower power consumption. KraussMaffei’s modular engineering means that mould changes are very fast. This boosts overall system productivity. In the case of a power outage, PETForm machines will complete the main process, so avoiding “short shots”. Production can then be resumed immediately power is restored.

Customer benefits

PETForm machines give you a competitive advantage in preform production, because they’re the best basis for outstanding productivity and minimal machine costs.
  • Very high productivity thanks to highly dynamic machine engineering
  • Excellent return on investment thanks to building-block design and high-performance modules
  • High yield of preforms in almost any design, from standard to wide-neck and pharmaceutical, without any modifications to the machine technology
  • Built-in protection for your investment. Minimal maintenance costs with mould service life of up to 15,000,000 cycles help to reduce hidden costs.
  • More productivity per square metre, the smallest footprint on the market means more machines in a defined space
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