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MX series

KraussMaffei is one of the market leaders in large injection moulding machine technology. The MX series is the successful further development of the MC series, which has a proven track record in thousands of installations. The MX series is available with clamp forces from 850 to 4000 tonnes.


The MX series is engineered to deliver sustained performance under demanding conditions. Even high-tonnage MX machines are very compact and efficient with fast cycles and high productivity. The modular design opens the way to a large number of possible machine configurations. A standard machine can be quickly and easily upgraded to specific production requirements. KraussMaffei aims to be a system partner for its customers, supplying what they need – from compact injection moulding machines with basic automation functions, through highly complex manufacturing cells, to complete factory planning.


The technical features of the MX series include the two-platen technology developed by KraussMaffei, a high-performance plasticizing unit with very high quality screws and high-precision injection units, with an optimized drive concept. Machine operation is controlled by the MC5 microprocessor control system.

Two-platen clamp unit

At the heart of the MX series is the two-platen clamp unit. The moving platen is designed as a box structure reinforced with solid ribs to almost entirely eliminate deflection. The platens are thick for maximum stiffness, but are nevertheless lightweight. The moving platen is supported during travel on the machine base with solid-steel, generously dimensioned and adjustable sliding blocks that are guided on the tiebar and supported laterally. Ample distance between supports guarantees that even the heaviest moulds remain absolutely parallel throughout opening and closing.
The mould is equipped with an ultrasonic position sensor system. Extremely short dry running times are ensured by simultaneous locking and unlocking of all four tiebars. In this class, the MX is the fastest machine on the market.

Injection unit

Like the CX series, the MX series offers the right injection unit and optimum screw model for any production task. The injection unit features a rotary piston with centralized clamp force application and transmission.
KraussMaffei has huge experience in engineering plasticizing systems and screws. Standard plasticizing units have been optimized for cost-efficient production. Additional plasticizing systems are available for specialized applications.
High-precision injection units ensure high process stability and part quality, especially with holding pressure control and low backpressures.
The materials and manufacturing processes that KraussMaffei uses for its screws, barrels and non-return valves guarantee high wear resistance.
The plasticizing unit can be easily removed for cleaning or changing screws using the quick-release system. Once the barrel has been released, it can be lifted out by a crane.


The MX series features a precise, flexible and modular hydraulic system. The economical pump drive supplies precisely the required pressure and volume of oil for each operation. Drawing no more than the actually required power keeps energy consumption to a minimum.
The pressure and flow-regulated pump achieves rapid responses. In addition to the variable-speed pump drive, MX machines have a separate control valve close to the consumer for the injection and plasticizing processes. The hydraulic components are connected to the centralized machine control via state-of-the-art bus technology. Effective, rapid and reliable data processing ensures optimum machine availability.
All the hydraulic equipment associated with the machine is easily accessible. It is designed for easy servicing and maintenance.

Control system

All MX machines are equipped with the MC5 microprocessor control. The MC5 is powerful and operator-friendly, with a straightforward, clearly presented display of all the essential information.

Customer benefits
  • KraussMaffei’s two-platen clamp unit is compact and rigid with maximum platen parallelism. It protects your moulds, maximizing their service life and increasing productivity, by maximizing the yield of good parts and part quality.
  • The MX is the fastest machine of its kind on the market. It sets new standards in cycle times for increased productivity.
  • The plasticizing unit is protected against wear for extremely long service life, optimal melt quality and a stable process.
  • The hydraulic concept is economical on energy. Only the required power is drawn. Average energy consumption is only 40 percent of the installed motor power.
  • Thanks to the modular machine concept, MX machines can be configured as application-specific manufacturing solutions.
  • The MC5 microprocessor control ensures easy and reliable machine operation.
  • KraussMaffei will integrate any automation solution to suit manufacturing requirements. Automation engineering is one of our great strengths and we already have an impressive list of reference projects.
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KraussMaffei is one of the biggest names in plastics processing technology, designing, manufacturing and supplying leading edge injection and extrusion equipment.

Committed to continuous improvements and with a solutions-based approach, we work closely with our customers and supply chains to deliver productivity improvements, technological breakthroughs and market-leading innovations.


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