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Linear Robots

LRX series linear robots from KraussMaffei are the first choice for standard processes – to cut manufacturing costs and boost product quality. Integrated in the machine’s control system or as standalone robots, they are capable of automating diverse value-adding tasks connected with an injection moulding process.


Excellent cost-performance ratio for automation solutions: KraussMaffei has the right robot for each machine and job. Seven sizes of linear robots are available for injection molding machines with a tonnage of 35 to 5400 kN. LRX robots with 5, 10 and 15 kg payload were already successfully launched onto the market – mainly for automation tasks in combination with small machines. The new LRX big series with robots from payload of 25 to 100 kg are optimal partners for automation of machines starting with a tonnage of 250 t. LRX series robots are highly modular and very easy to operate - on a high technical standard.

The LRX series has CE conformity for three different drop zones: lateral-mounted robot with a drop zone in the machine’s longitudinal axis, operator side or non-operator side.

Lateral mounting is a space saving option, reducing the floor space needed by up to 3 m˛, with corresponding cost savings. KraussMaffei offers a linear robot variant for use in assembly halls with low ceilings – with a telescopic Y axis as standard.

The latest strike: AX-machine+LRX-robot = more productivity per square meter

The AX enclosure has been extended to accommodate the conveyor belt and serves to protect the robot as well. Thus, there is no need to additionally isolate the robot with safety fence and gate. This integrated, compact design saves around 25% of production space over comparable systems. The parts are removed at the end of the machine on the non-operator side – offering increased flexibility as regards positioning of the machine.


Mechanical operation:

LRX robots are dynamic, fast and efficient. High-precision gearing guarantees a long service life. All three main axes are fitted with servomotors for fast acceleration and very short cycles. The LRX series can be fitted with up to three wrist axes, also with servomotors. An absolute position monitoring system is standard for all servomotor drives – your robot always knows where it is. LRX achieve repeatability of +/- 0,1 mm. Parallel movements for all axes enable very short demoulding times and huge flexibility in demoulding sequences.

Safety first:

Linear robots from our LRX series ensures high safety levels. Safety and reliability are top priorities. All KraussMaffei robots come with a safety package containing all the components necessary for safe and stable operation. Our manufacturing cells go even further: robot, conveyor belt and safety fencing are designed as a unit with designed-in CE conformity as standard.

Control system:

Flexibility is a high priority here. You know your own requirements best, so we offer you the choice of integrated or standalone control systems. Integrated control means that the operator-friendly KraussMaffei MC5 control system coordinates all machine functions and the integrated robot via a real-time VARAN bus. This simplifies operation and full fault diagnosis for all machine and robot functions, boosting safety and reliability for operators and machine. Extreme fast data communication saves time and the system gives you the option of saving data from the injection machine and the linear robot in one data record – it’s convenient and secure. The alternative is a standalone LRX robot. Standalone robots are mainly used to retrofit already installed KraussMaffei injection moulding machines, to robotize machines from other manufacturers or to maintain the flexibility of your production. Both control concepts are based on KraussMaffei’s tried-and-tested MC5 control system. Our priorities in developing the control systems were self-explanatory programming – using our LR-on-PC programming software, this task can be done online or offline - simple production start-up and intuitive operation.

The start page lets the operator choose the program and the functions, and it presents an overview of the current speed parameters.
Every KraussMaffei linear robot is supplied with a basic program. This basic program can be easily adapted to your specific process using supported text programming. I/O commands, process commands and monitoring commands can be adapted, modified or deleted by simply pressing keys.
The monitoring programming page always allows the activities of all inputs and outputs to be monitored. Alarm messages are displayed in plain text – with integrated linear robots the messages are displayed both on the handheld and on the operator panel of the injection moulding machine.
One of our numberous special functions is the ServoFloat. By reducing the torque of the linear strokes, it guarantees gentle, pressureless demoulding of delicate parts. This function is defined on one programming page – it’s easy and intuitive.
The handheld has seven preset function keys: Start, Stop, Automatic operation, Manual operation, Return to home position, Stop at end of cycle, Fast-slow operation. The identical keys are also integrated on the operator panel of your KraussMaffei injection moulding machine. This allows the robot and machine to be programmed simultaneously or separately.

Benefits for customers

  • LRX robots are user-friendly. They’re easy to teach, easy to operate, easy to program – in part thanks to the identical approach to control machine and robot. The robots are operated by the function keys using either the injection moulding machine or the touch-handheld with its outstanding ergonomics.
  • Storing robot and machine data together ensures a stable and reliable process, simple and straightforward troubleshooting and expanded diagnostics. The communivation is realized via real-time VARAN bus. www.varan-bus.net
  • LRX robots are strong team players with standard peripherals (conveyor belts, sprue chutes and safety gating) optimized to operate with them.
  • LRX are fast, dynamic and precise. They can achieve part demolding times under one second with repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm.
  • We support your drive to reach your goals of saving time and reducing operating effort and complexity. As standard, a KraussMaffei solution includes the absolute position sensor system, automatic drive to home position and early entry into the mould zone.
  • KraussMaffei is your single-contact partner – you have only one partner for planning, installation, service, etc.
   LRX/LRX-S series
Linear Robots
LRX/LRX-S series linear robots (2.83 Mb)

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