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Injection Process Know-How and Resources

CleanForm The CleanForm process is used where clean production is a key requirement, or where the part surface must satisfy rigorous specifications... more
CoverForm The CoverForm process is the outcome of knowledge transfer from reaction processes to injection moulding. Still in the mould, an injection moulded substrate is given a scratchproof outer layer. CoverForm is ideal for parts like compression-moulded PMMA, where the sensitive surface needs extra protection to withstand tough daily use.
DecoForm DecoForm stands for back injection of often delicate decor materials that need careful treatment for a perfect finish. DecoForm is used primarily to create automotive components with high-quality surfaces. DecoForm products are also used in fitting out aircraft and train interiors... more
DuroSet The DuroSet process is used to process free-flowing granular thermoset feedstocks... more
IMC Injection Moulding Compounder The IMC process successfully combines continuous compounding with discontinuous injection moulding. It offers user completely new prospects for reducing costs or achieving specific product properties by compounding their own formulations... more
MuCell process The MuCell process is a physical process for foaming thermoplastics. Nitrogen or carbon dioxide are used as blowing agents... more
Multinject Multinject for multicomponent moulding opens new prospects for injection moulding components that combine different materials and/or colours... more
PETForm PETForm is KraussMaffei's modular system solution for profitable, high-performance production of preforms for the beverage industry. One of the striking features of a PETForm system is the vertical clamp.... more
PolySet The PolySet process is used to process unsaturated polyester moulding compounds... more
SilcoSet The SilcoSet process is used to mould liquid silicone rubber (LSR), which comprises two liquid components... more
SkinFormŽ SkinForm is a new process that combines injection moulding with polyurethane processing. It offers tremendous scope for applications where excellent surface aesthetics and haptics are key to success... more
TwinForm The TwinForm process is especially suitable for the production of trim components for the automotive industry and closures for the packaging sector... more
WIT Water Injection Technology WIT produces hollow plastic components, for example, coolant tubing, steering wheels and handles. Big advantages are reduced weight and higher stiffness... more
XForm XForm is used to produce substitutes for conventional rubber-metal composite parts. XForm involves reactive crosslinking of TPU-X as part of the injection moulding process. By combining the core technologies extrusion and reaction processing, XForm is a one-shot process capable of producing plastic parts that with the additional characteristics of elastomers and rubber.
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