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Injection Moulding Technology Injection Moulding Machinery is the largest of KraussMaffei’s business units. The company offers three injection moulding machine ranges, the CX, MX and EX, which cover not only standard applications, but also the whole bandwidth of process variants and special processes. Big machines (the MX series) are one area in which the company excels. Another core competence is solutions for the automotive industry. Other areas where KraussMaffei has intensive expertise are packaging, electrical/electronics and medical technology applications. In recent years, the business unit has expanded its specialized knowledge base in robotic systems and automation The company is rapidly strengthening its position as a partner with the resources and know-how to supply complete manufacturing cells.

Injection moulding machines

Spin-platen, 2-platen, hydraulic, hybrid or all-electric – KraussMaffei offers a uniquely broad spectrum of machinery and systems in tonnages from 35 to 4000 t. because our machines are built to a modular concept and there is tight scalability within a series, we can configure a production solution that closely matches your application requirements... more about injection Molding machines


KraussMaffei offers a balanced range of robots that support your drive to add value to injection moulding processes. We offer custom, from pick&place to advanced turnkey manufacturing cells.
We have the right robot for every injection moulding application – put your trust in our 25 years of experience in factory automation ... more about Automation

Process know-how and resources

Plastic parts with added value are the outcome first and foremost of efficient process engineering. For example, through joined-up thinking in the three core technologies already in-house – reaction processing, extrusion and injection moulding – we’ve been able to develop new techniques for using different plastics with different functionality in one part. Or to mould plastics differently, or even to offer our customers the prospect of substantial savings by doing their own compounding. As the only supplier worldwide of machinery and systems for all three major technologies for processing plastics, KraussMaffei can serve its customers as technology partner and technology innovator – whether you’re investing in a standard machine that does a standard job supremely well, or an application-specific, custom machine incorporating groundbreaking new technology. Our products can give your products a competitive advantage, however challenging your markets.
We invite you to browse these pages for more details of what we can offer in the way of solutions for your business ...

   KraussMaffei - People for Plastics  

KraussMaffei is one of the biggest names in plastics processing technology, designing, manufacturing and supplying leading edge injection and extrusion equipment.

Committed to continuous improvements and with a solutions-based approach, we work closely with our customers and supply chains to deliver productivity improvements, technological breakthroughs and market-leading innovations.


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