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A glassfree alternative


The Customer:

Founded in the 1960s, Rexam Pharma is a major manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical injection moulding. At its Neuenburg (D) plant, Rexam develops and manufactures components for medical devices and drug delivery systems, supplying 14 of the world’s 15 biggest pharmaceutical companies.

The Task:

Implement a product innovation for Rexam customer Aseptic Technologies, Les Ignes/Belgium for production of a plastic vial for pharmaceutical applications. The closed plastic vial will be easier and cheaper to handle and fill, and will reduce the breakage losses and safety risks associated with glass vials.

The Challenge:

To produce the plastic vials and stoppers to the exacting quality specifications, so that the products deliver the target advantages in handling and filling compared with glass vials.

The Solution:

Injection mould the transparent vial and the elastomer stopper in a Class A cleanroom to cGMP using two KraussMaffei injection moulding machines. The stoppers are inserted in the vials by two robots, still under cleanroom conditions. For mould changing and servicing, the injection moulding machines are run back out of the sealed off cleanroom area. Plates on the machine side and on the front of the clamp seal off the cleanroom in production and servicing position respectively. The compact work cell and the high cleanroom class deliver high product quality at a competitive unit cost. The cap is injection moulded on a separate machine, supplied separately and applied after filling.

The Outcome:

Closed-vial filling gives Rexam a distinct competitive advantage. With the new plastic vial, the complexity of the filling process is sharply reduced, process steps like washing and costs fall away completely. The vial is filled by piercing the stopper with a non-coring needle, injecting the contents and then resealing the hole by laser. The concept results in a more compact and less complex filling line. Effort and costs are substantially reduced.

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