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Gas nucleation with air or CO2 Gas nucleation is carried out either directly in the day tank of the metering machine or in a separate tank connected upstream of the day tank... more

Pigment metering Pigment metering systems are used for producing moldings in different colors... more

Premixing station Premixing stations perform the fully automatic compounding of PUR components with fillers such as glass fibres, heavy spar or melamine... more

Pentamix The Pentamix system is a completely enclosed premixing station for introducing pentane into PUR components... more

High-pressure pentane metering The high-pressure pentane metering system is a completely enclosed unit for introducing pentane into PUR components... more

Container station Container stations ensure optimum preconditioning of the PUR components... more

Drum station Drum stations are simple, cost-effective systems for automatic filling of day tanks... more


   KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery  
KraussMaffei Reaction Process Machinery

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KraussMaffei is one of the biggest names in plastics processing technology, designing, manufacturing and supplying leading edge injection and extrusion equipment.

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