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C3 series

KraussMaffei developed the C3 especially for thin-walled packaging. It differs from the C series on several counts, but operates according to the same basic principles.


In the manufacture of thin-walled packaging, material costs, at over 70 percent of the total, are the biggest cost block by far. It is therefore important to reduce material costs and improve machine performance. The C3 has been modified in a number of ways to ideally meet the requirements for high-speed injection moulding machines. The outstanding features are fast cycles and high machine productivity in continuous operation.


The impressive characteristic of the CX series are the four clamp cylinders that introduce the clamp force absolutely symmetrically and ensure uniform clamp-force distribution. The all-hydraulic clamp system with integrated drive cylinders ensures rapid, dynamic opening and closing.

Twin-platen clamp unit

In contrast to the C machine, the plasticizing unit of the C3 is electrically operated as a standard feature. This allows plasticizing to take place simultaneously with the movement of the injection unit, clamp unit and ejector. Direct transmission ensures low-loss transfer of forces and velocities and therefore ensures high control accuracy. Power transmission from the drive to the injection piston, and therefore directly to the screw, takes place via a splined shaft. The C3 features an additional bladder accumulator to boost injection performance up to 800 mm/s (optional). The clamp unit (plus ejector and core puller) and the injection unit operate independently of one another so as to exhaust all the possible energy and circuitry potential for speeding up movements, and thereby achieve higher speeds and greater efficiency.

Customer benefits
  • The electrical screw drive permits plasticizing during mould movement. This improves flexibility.
  • The HPS plasticizing unit ensures optimum melt quality, and resists wear. Furthermore, the melt temperature is reduced by up to 20°C and the throughput increased by up to 120 per cent, depending on the material.
  • The pressure accumulator maximizes the injection dynamic response. The injection velocity may be as high as 800 mm/s (optional).
  • The hydraulic system reduces energy consumption. Average energy consumption is only 25 percent of the average installed power. The machine also consumes less cooling water.
  • Output can be doubled by using stack moulds. The C3 can be retroactively modified for this purpose.
  • The compact design reduces the machine’s footprint by up to 30 percent. Several machines can be installed for the same production area.
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