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AX series

An all-electric entry model into the world of KraussMaffei products, with energy-saving features made by KraussMaffei the AX injection moulding machine series.


The AX series utilises a simple, tried-and-tested clamp design, based on an optimised 5-point toggle, that ensures constant reproducibility on the clamp side and low energy consumption. AX machines feature proven plasticising units made from high-quality components and reliable drives and deliver consistent parts quality under standardised production conditions whilst being versatile and easy to maintain. They offer affordable entry to the world of all-electric injection moulding machines, all the while giving plastics moulders the reassurance that they are using KraussMaffei technology.


With clamp sizes ranging from 500 to 3500 kN, the AX series covers a wide production spectrum. It is designed around a proven clamp design that features a 5-point double toggle drive. This type of drive is perfect for all-electric standard machines because of its optimum force/path transmission. The electric drives offer compelling dynamics and low energy consumption.

Enhanced clamp design ensures high precision

There is a long tradition of using 5-point double toggles in all-electric injection moulding machines because of their high positioning accuracy and repeatability. For the AX series, the kinematics have been extensively overhauled. Optimally designed joints and a powerful ball screw provide variable force transmission at high opening and closing speeds. The spindle is driven by a timing belt. Consequently, it now only takes a small motor output to generate high speeds and forces. An automated central lubrication system ensures that the toggle moves extremely smoothly. The benefits to users of this rugged design are low power consumption, high precision and long-term reliability.

Proven plasticising unit for accustomed production quality

The plasticising unit of the AX series offers the same superior quality for which the CX and EX-series are already known on the market. Its back-flow valve, screw and barrel offer identical wear protection and are precision manufactured to the same high standard. This guarantees that they all deliver the same outstanding performance. The wear parts in the plasticising units accordingly have high life times. The AX plasticising unit is interchangeable with those from the EX and CX series. Users can therefore draw on equipment and know-how which they already have. This boosts their flexibility, because they can lay their hands much faster on the required components. The outcome is shorter downtimes and, conversely, longer machine uptimes. Moreover, the plasticising units are characterised by their broad spectrum processing, good quality melt and their versatility for all kinds of plastics.

Intelligent drive concept: efficient, compatible, responsive

Like the EX series, the AX machines feature electric drive technology with optimised servo motors for converting the braking energy into electricity. This solution further reduces power consumption by up to 10% anywhere in the world. Thanks to the implicit converter technology, the machines can operate on any power supply on Earth. The smooth, belt-driven, precision transmission provides low moved masses and further reduces energy consumption. Leak-monitored, water-cooled converters (type HT11) lessen the burden on the indoor climate, because the water removes the heat. The servo motors have a compelling high response and in conjunction with an MC5 controller offer high-precision control. Exactly reproducible movements are the outcome.

AX-machine + LRX robot = More productivity per square meter

The AX enclosure has been extended to accommodate the conveyor belt and serves to protect the robot as well. Thus, there is no need to additionally isolate the robot with safety fence and gate. This integrated, compact design saves around 25% of production space over comparable systems. The parts are removed at the end of the machine on the non-operator side offering increased flexibility as regards positioning of the machine.

Customer benefits
  • Low energy consumption through electric drive technology featuring optimized servo motors, which convert the braking energy into electricity.
  • Up to 60 percent lower power consumption, depending on the part, relative to hydraulic machines
  • Even greater potential savings on water consumption. The water-cooled converters reduce water consumption by up to 70 percent compared to hydraulic machines
  • The AX series can be readily upgraded to an automated production cell
  • Easy, safe operation due to MC 5 Touch microprocessor controller
  • The AX can be readily used anywhere in the world because it is compatible with all power supply systems
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