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The Customer:

Peguform, a international automotive components supplier with annual sales of around 1.3 billion euros, specializes in bumper and frontend modules, exterior systems, cockpits and instrument panels, and interior trim. The Peguform plant in Neustadt (D) employs around 1700 people and produces mainly for BMW and Audi.

The Task:

To implement a just-in-sequence (JIS) production system for automotive bumpers which would be optimally adapted to requirements at Peguform’s different locations. The specification was for a flexible production line capable of producing a wide range of variants pulled by customer demand.

The Challenge:

Peguform’s JIS system features minimal inventory and fast, flexible response to customers’ changing requirements. To ensure profitable, uninterrupted operation, the machines must be extremely robust and reliable. Fast and efficient spare parts supply is essential to keep production rolling.

The Solution:

Peguform produces the bumpers on five KraussMaffei injection moulding machines between 2700 and 3200 tonnes. All five machines have uniform MC5 controllers, which are both user-friendly and The work cells are automated with articulated arm robots to demould the part, trim the sprue, flame treat the parts and place them on a cooling conveyor. The next step is direct to painting.

The Outcome:

Machine operators have found the machines quick and easy to learn. The geographical proximity of KraussMaffei and Peguform in southern Germany facilitates the outstanding service and fast spare parts supply which are key to successful JIS production. KraussMaffei’s big MX machines are engineered for tough and continuous operation and their regenerative pump drives reduce power consumption and guarantee efficient production.


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KraussMaffei is one of the biggest names in plastics processing technology, designing, manufacturing and supplying leading edge injection and extrusion equipment.

Committed to continuous improvements and with a solutions-based approach, we work closely with our customers and supply chains to deliver productivity improvements, technological breakthroughs and market-leading innovations.


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