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Xaloy: A Global Leader in Plastics

The global leader in high-performance machinery components and equipment for the plastics industry.

Xaloy has powerful resources to help reduce costs and increase productivity in injection molding, extrusion, and other processes.

Cleaning Ovens
Xaloy Pelletizers Xaloy water-ring pelletizers are suitable for processing a wide range of polymers, unfilled or filled, in reclaim, masterbatch and general compounding.

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   Screen Changers by Xaloy  

Pneumatic changers: Air power replaces human effort.

Economical Xaloy XP pneumatic screen changers use the plantís air supply to index the slide plate. The unit has no hydraulics or electrical controls to maintain and is fully guarded for safety. Three sizes are available. for for 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 inch extruders. Prices fall between those of manual and hydraulic changers.

Xaloy Screen Changers

Xaloy, the worldwide leader in melt filtration, offers a broad of range screen changers engineered for reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness in virtually any extrusion processing environment.

  • Leak-free operation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Simple, safe operation

  • Maximum throughput

  • Minimum pressure drop

Different types of Xaloy changers are available to fill your cost-performance need:


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