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Xaloy: A Global Leader in Plastics

The global leader in high-performance machinery components and equipment for the plastics industry.

Xaloy has powerful resources to help reduce costs and increase productivity in injection molding, extrusion, and other processes.

Cleaning Ovens
Xaloy Pelletizers Xaloy water-ring pelletizers are suitable for processing a wide range of polymers, unfilled or filled, in reclaim, masterbatch and general compounding.

See Models available:
   Barrels by Xaloy  

Xaloy® barrels are available in a range of alloys with different combinations and levels of corrosion resistance as outlined below.  

   Twin Barrels Download PDF

For parallel twin-screw extruders, Xaloy twin barrels with X-800 tungsten carbide deliver maximum durability for processing PVC and wood-plastic composites.


   StrataBlend® II
  • Intensive, chaotic distributive mixing: ideal for processing materials with high levels of color, filler or reinforcement, including nano clays.

  • Low shear.

  • Smoothes out temperature variations.

  • Injection molding or extrusion.

  nXheat-Hybrid™ system

 Barrel shroud removed for demo purposes.
Xaloy bimetallic barrels for extrusion and injection molding

Xaloy extruder and injection barrels lead the way in resistance to wear and corrosion. We invented bimetallic barrels (cylinders) more than 70 years ago and continues to lead the way in development of improved alloys and production processes.
Single Barrels

Most Xaloy barrels are for single-screw molding and extrusion equipment. See below for info on available lining alloys.

Xaloy® barrels are available in a range of alloys with different combinations and levels of corrosion resistance as outlined below.
X-800: Tungsten carbide/nickel alloy composite

  •  Our most durable extrusion barrel, for processing almost any material

  •   Outstanding resistance to abrasive wear and corrosion

  •   Essential for extrusion of hard-to-melt materials such as HMW-HDPE or LLDPE and of highly filled abrasive materials containing >25% glass fibers or mineral fillers (calcium carbonate etc.)

X-102: Nickel-rich iron-boron alloy

  •  High-quality general-purpose barrel

  •   Cost-effective choice for unfilled and lightly filled materials

  •   Outlasts generic competitive barrels in comparative testing

NOTE:  Position mouse over each graph to see details about the test.

The German Plastics Institute, Darmstadt Germany, used standard molding equipment to inject 10 kg of nylon and polycarbonate materials containing 30 and 50% glass fibers through a 0.5 mm Ø orifice in test specimens made of the barrel alloys.   Corrosive media are 20% HCl for X-800/802 and the generic alloy, 50% HCl for X-102.

X-200: Higher-chromium iron-boron alloy

  •  Premium general-purpose barrel

  •   A step up in resistance to corrosion and abrasive wear

End Caps

  •  Two standard styles, screw in/on and bolt-on, as well as custom styles.

  •   Available in a wide assortment of materials with various platings and coatings.

  •   Part of our comprehensive range of front-end components.

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