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Xaloy: A Global Leader in Plastics

The global leader in high-performance machinery components and equipment for the plastics industry.

Xaloy has powerful resources to help reduce costs and increase productivity in injection molding, extrusion, and other processes.

Cleaning Ovens
Xaloy Pelletizers Xaloy water-ring pelletizers are suitable for processing a wide range of polymers, unfilled or filled, in reclaim, masterbatch and general compounding.

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   Melt Pumpers by Xaloy  

Xaloy melt pumps come in a variety of types and sizes to fit the needs of your extrusion, compounding or polymer production process.

   Twin Barrels Download PDF

For parallel twin-screw extruders, Xaloy twin barrels with X-800 tungsten carbide deliver maximum durability for processing PVC and wood-plastic composites.

Xaloy Cleaning Ovens: A better way to remove polymers from metal parts

You can save time, reduce cost and improve safety with an Xaloy Jet Cleaner oven. It uses heat and vacuum to vaporize polymer deposits on dies, screws, runner systems, gear pumps, screen changer parts and more. Say good-bye to flame torching, manual brushing and harsh chemicals.

Xaloy MiniJet Cleaning Oven Download PDF   Xaloy JC-1724 Cleaning Oven Download PDF
  •  Automatic operation. The operator puts the hardware into the chamber, sets the cycle and walks away.

  •  Fast action. Cycles range from 90 to 240 minutes for most jobs. (Parts that are very large and/or have thick polymer buildup need more time.)

  •  Minimal emissions. Additional pollution control devices not usually required. Optional unit available for FEP.

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