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myFax Overview
The myFAX network fax server is a turnkey solution that connects to PSTN fax lines. It converts faxes to TIFF files allowing you to receive faxes wherever you are as e-mails or desktop and send faxes from any application that can print. The system provides distributed faxing capabilities, over a WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as to field sales people. In addition, it provides secure , convenient faxing for LAN users offering a high degree of privacy for both the sender and recipient. myFAX provide web base management interface for easy setup.

  • Easy Setup : myFAX network fax server is integrated in a box. No technical skill is required to setup the server. Sending and receiving your faxes without leaving your desktop.
  • Desktop Faxing : myFAX network fax server allows you to deploy faxing to your entire user base so that they can send and receive faxes while sitting at their desks.
  • Operate Independently : System running completely out of the computer. No server side software required. Fax stored in myFAX network fax server.
  • Network Fax Sharing :myFax run in TCP/IP network. User can share faxes and files within local LAN or even internet. It save time to deliver fax and save cost as well.
  • CSID Support : User can identify the source of fax. It help to manage faxes more intuitive and more convenient
  • Multi-line support : Equipment models with variety of selection help adapt to different types of customers. myFAX150 support 1 external fax line. myFAX250 support 2 external fax lines. myFAX450 support 4 external fax lines. Multi line model can send fax concurrently.
  • Lightning Proof :Lightning proof component have been installed within the myFAX. It help to minimize the failure cause by lightning
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