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Telecommunications Providers

The Mobile Way of Business for Telecommunications

For years, telecommunications providers have been delivering effective voice and e-mail solutions; yet very few products have been developed to facilitate the creation and delivery of mobile business applications.

With the proliferation of new and more powerful handheld business devices and networks with bandwidth and value-added services, today’s business user is looking at their telecommunications provider and asking for the next big thing – the ability to quickly and easily select, purchase and deploy a mobile business solution that meets the needs of their employees working in the field.

Dexterra’s Mobile Application Service platform functions much as an “application switch,” allowing the telecommunications provider to offer a new range of products within their existing technical and operational infrastructure with unmatched ease.

Find out why leading telecommunications providers such as Cingular, Telstra and T-Com have turned to Dexterra to provide their mobile application service infrastructure and deliver a variety of customers’ mobile business solutions.

What's On Your Checklist?

Dexterra has developed our product for the telecommunications industry that delivers the following:

  • Network Authentication: Strict, managed security ensures that only authorized subscribers are allowed access to the platform and application services; supports RADIUS authentication & accounting
  • Enterprise Authentication and Security: Supports multiple security configurations that will provide your customer with the appropriate level of security based on their needs
  • Effective Context management: as more and more services are put on the network, they must be able to co-exist, working effectively to connect and communicate in a manner that is non-invasive to the network infrastructure
  • Comprehensive billing and customer care API: Easily integrates to your existing systems for subscriber set-up, provisioning and billing
  • Customer Care Portal: A single method to provide complete visibility of all users and components on the platform with easy-to-use tools to perform common customer care tasks
  • Multi-Configurable Tenancy: you can provide your customers with any tenancy model from low-cost multi-tenancy to complete physically separated tenants to meet their security and management needs
  • Multi-Device OS Support: From Java to Symbian, Windows Mobile to RIM – Dexterra supports them all
  • Network Operations: In addition to the ability to interface with your Customer Care and Billing Systems, Dexterra seamlessly integrates to your network operations and management infrastructure to monitor and manage hardware and software components as you would any other piece of infrastructure

Delivering Applications “in a Cloud”

With Dexterra you can provide your customer with comprehensive business applications without the complexity of installing software or hardware in their facility. Dexterra’s Mobile Application Service takes all of the cost and complexity out of designing and deploying mobile applications, from simple applications to advanced business applications.

Applications as a Service – Without a Question of Data Ownership

Many companies provide software products available as a hosted service and yet many business people do not consider this a viable solution for their needs. Much of this stems from the fact that a business’ valuable data is now residing in someone else’s facility. With Dexterra that is not the case. Dexterra functions much like a ‘data-switch’, passing your customers’ valuable information through your network and systems directly to the data store on the mobile device, all in real-time. With Dexterra, data ownership is never an issues, it is always in the hands of your customer.

Connecting to the Enterprise World

Dexterra enables connection to the world’s most popular enterprise solutions. From SAP to Siebel, Remedy to Oracle, Dexterra’s Mobile Application Service provides the same comprehensive adapters that are available with our enterprise product, without the need to install them behind the customer’s firewall.

Branded Solutions for the Enterprise or Mid-Market

Dexterra and its partners have a wide range of products that are compatible with Dexterra’s Mobile Application Service that deliver turnkey solutions for the small-to-medium business segment. Whether your customer requires a Sales, Service or Asset Management system, Dexterra and its partners can help develop branded offerings to drive acquisition of customers in new and emerging segments.

Delivering the ARPU

With Dexterra you can help forestall the commoditization of your telecommunications offerings. As competition continues to apply pressure on the pricing of unbundled voice and data transport, mobile business applications provide a new and effective way to provide value-added services to your new and existing customers.

Create a Technical Community

Dexterra’s award-winning platform and tools allows you to build up a community of developer and system integrators to serve your customers, all with the same high-level of security and control you expect as a telecommunications provider.

All the Capabilities of Dexterra

Dexterra’s Mobile Application Service delivers all the capabilities of Dexterra in a package specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the telecommunications industry. What that means to you is that all the capabilities you see and hear about are available to you with the additional key components necessary to make this a true telecommunications services offering.

  • Present a complete view of the information your people need – including context and intelligence – so they make better business decisions in real time?
  • Adapt to business process changes with little to no coding required?
  • Work alone or as part of a mobile software suite rated by Gartner as “visionary”?

Can a Mobile Application Service Platform Do all This?

Ours can


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