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“With Dexterra, we've been able to streamline our business processes which have resulted in significant productivity gains and service levels across the whole business. “  

- Gavin Jones, CTO – Reino International

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Mobile Command Center (MCC)

Smartest Distance Between Two Points: Scheduling and Dispatch With A Brain

Most mobile organizations pride themselves on their ability to get someone out into the field to solve problems – whether they are helping external customers or internal clients. Delays or multiple service calls are costly, in terms of wasted time, decreased customer satisfaction, and equipment downtime.

Any scheduling and dispatch application can help you assign available resources quickly. Dexterra’s scheduling and dispatch application – Mobile Command Center – does more. You can assign the right resource – someone your customer already knows and trusts, or someone with very specific expertise who can fix the problem on the first visit. MCC handles all the complex calculations behind the scenes: availability, cost, distance, skill, discipline, certification, clearance and all the other factors to be considered.

The result? Timely resolution of issues, lower overhead costs and delighted clients. Pretty smart.

What’s On Your Scheduling and Dispatch Checklist?

While some software vendors can deliver at least some of the features you need and others can deliver most, with Dexterra Mobile Command Center (Dexterra MCC), you know you’re covered:

  • Automatic dispatch engine bridges the gap between back-office workers and the field
  • Displays information in a graphical, easy-to-use interface, including exception scheduling
  • Handles all complex calculations, including availability, cost, distance, skills, and more
  • Runs in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic modes
  • Recommends the most appropriate resource
  • Optimizes scheduling and streamlines operations
  • Provides location mapping and visibility into job status and customer requests
  • Drives rapid user adoption via a Web-based, process-oriented solution

Beyond the Basics of Mobile Scheduling and Dispatch

But that’s only part of the solution. You need more, so why settle? We built our software specifically to meet our customers’ needs – all of them:

Get Your Scheduling and Dispatch Application Up and Running Quickly

Dexterra MCC – a mobile composite application – provides rich functionality right out of the box designed to support your business processes. It requires minimal integration effort and allows you to easily create new applications using existing components. The result? You can use and customize your software much faster than ever before.

Make Your Scheduling and Dispatch Software Easy to Use

Your dispatchers need solutions that make their jobs easier, not more complicated. Created by people who have worked as dispatchers themselves, Dexterra MCC guides your dispatchers every step of the way through daily tasks. Dispatchers, supervisors and managers can use the comprehensive – yet simple-to-use – schedule, dispatch, map, Gantt, and exception views and tailored reports to maintain insight into how the field is faring and can intervene when appropriate. Exceptions and escalations are always visible to them, preventing any issues from falling through the cracks.

See a Tangible Return on Your Scheduling and Dispatch Investment

Any effective mobile scheduling and dispatch application should simplify your activities and data entry, so your dispatchers can do what they do best – assign the right resources to the right jobs as fast as possible. The real value is in what they won’t have to do: repeatedly calculate and measure all of the factors that add up into the total cost of each job or risk making fast decisions that aren’t always smart.

Evolve with Your Business

Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should the software that supports it. Whether you need to change existing processes to address a single need, add more functions to an existing application, or expand to meet the requirements of multiple departments, Dexterra MCC is part of a fully integrated mobile software suite and can evolve with you every step of the way.

Don’t Break the Bank As You Make Sure Your Scheduling and Dispatch Software Keeps Up

What will it take to make sure your scheduling and dispatch software keeps up with your business and provides all the features you need? In many cases, it requires expensive developers and consultants to hard code changes. In the end, your total cost of ownership skyrockets. With Dexterra MCC, you gain a risk-free scheduling and dispatch solution comprised of composite applications built in languages you already know - .NET and Java. You can easily and cost-effectively modify your field service application to keep pace with your business.

Can Your Mobile Workforce Management Do All This?

  • Map completely to the way your schedule and dispatch operations really run so you can focus on allocating the right resources instead of chasing down details?
  • Present and consider complete customer and product information regardless of which back-end system it resides in?
  • Deliver appropriate intelligence and assist in decision making so you can optimize your mobile workforce for maximum effectiveness?
  • Automatically handle the complex, yet tedious, calculations needed to minimize costs for each job?
  • Adapt to evolving business needs and process changes with little to no coding required?
  • Work alone or as part of a mobile software suite rated by Gartner as “visionary”?

Ours can


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