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Command & Control in the Language You Know: A
Common Platform That Delivers Uncommon Results

Your company’s success depends on how effectively it functions at the point of customer interaction. That means you can’t look at mobile as a mere application or technology initiative – it’s a way of business, the only way to grow and compete in the future. Given the importance of mobile in your business, does it make sense to rely on products that are outdated and complex, using technology that is onerous to implement, manage, and change? Of course not.

What’s On Your Checklist?

At the very least, you need to make sure your mobile platform, applications, and tools can deliver the following:

  • An architecture built with industry-standard languages and environments such as .Net and Java
  • Leverage a service-oriented architecture and mobile composite applications to assemble highly tailored applications that can then be adapted and evolved as business needs change
  • Provide pre-built applications and adaptors for the most popular enterprise back-end systems, including SAP, Oracle, Siebel,, Remedy, and Maximo
  • Non-intrusively integrate with multiple back-end systems at the same time
  • Use a process-driven interface to automatically navigate the application according to the user’s role and tasks
  • Enable multiple layers of security at the device, data and user authentication levels
  • Allow applications to function independently of the status, speed or type of connection
  • Offer pre-bundled solutions for faster implementation
  • Guarantee up-to-date information and data integrity at all times
  • Support the most popular mobile operating systems and devices

Beyond Tactical Mobility to The Mobile Way of Business

But that’s not all. You need more, so why settle? With Dexterra, you can get on the path to a mobile way of business. Dexterra has redefined the way mobile software should be built. Our design philosophy takes an “outside-in” approach, focused on the total business needs of management teams and their mobile workers:

Advanced Mobile Composite Applications – Ultimate Flexibility to Mirror the Way You Work

Dexterra’s mobile composite applications, called TransApps™, are designed with the needs of the mobile worker in mind. Each TransApp addresses specific business requirements and supports the way your employees work – right out of the box. Your organization can reuse and combine multiple TransApps to create new applications that address company- or industry-specific needs. TransApps can also be quickly modified to meet the evolving needs of your workforce. You will literally “write once, run anywhere, and change anytime.” When is the last time you heard THAT from your enterprise software vendor?

Industry-standard Support – Easily Modify and Customize Applications

With support for both Java and .NET, Dexterra enables your employees to modify and customize TransApps in a familiar development environment and using a language they already know. Built using the most popular development environments available today, the integration, development, and administration tools of the Dexterra Concert™ platform are easy to learn and even easier to use.

Low Total Cost of Ownership – Highly Manageable, Even for Multiple Back-End Systems

With the change-ready Dexterra Concert platform, your organization can rapidly adapt to constant shifts in business requirements and technology adoption. Because we know the last thing you want to do is make any changes or alterations to your existing systems, intelligent Dexterra adaptors are used to non-intrusively integrate the platform with one or more back-end data systems. Dexterra adaptors also integrate with other external data sources, including Web services. With pre-built applications and standard adaptors, the platform enables rapid deployment and delivers one of the lowest TCOs in the industry.

Go back to your checklist for a moment – can any other mobile platform and toolset provide all that?

  • Be built with industry-standard languages and in familiar development environments?
  • Use an SOA approach and mobile composite apps to assemble, adapt and evolve highly tailored applications? 
  • Provide pre-built applications and adaptors for the most popular enterprise back-end systems?
  • Non-intrusively integrate with multiple back-end systems at the same time?
  • Use a process-driven interface to automatically navigate the application according to the user’s role and tasks?

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