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Life Sciences

The Mobile Way of Business for Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies operate in one of the most heavily regulated, competitive, time-sensitive, and costly industries. Multiple methods of distribution along with perishable goods make the sales process unusually complex, not to mention the inventory management and data collection requirements levied on the industry.

Dexterra’s industry-tailored solution for life sciences completely maps to the precise business requirements of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and can be further adapted to your company’s unique processes. Using Dexterra, you can create a competitive advantage and more effectively respond to ever-changing regulatory and technology conditions in the market.

What’s On Your Checklist?

While some software vendors can deliver at least some of the features you need and others can deliver most, with Dexterra, you know you’re totally covered:

  • Supports all your mobile needs, including sales, inventory management, service, inspection and data collection
  • Pre-integrated with multiple back-end systems at the same time, including SAP, Oracle, Siebel, Maximo, and Remedy
  • Supports sophisticated business process and business rules on the mobile device, independent of the back-end
  • Delivers marketing/sales intelligence right to your sales peoples’ hands
  • Enables access to critical supporting job information from the field
  • Creates up-sell/cross-sell opportunities while on-site with customer
  • Integrates with scanning and printing devices
  • Ensures availability of customer, contract, SLA, pricing, and product information
  • Tracks traveling and customer engagement times automatically
  • Immediate entry of expenses reducing administration
  • Ensures widespread adoption through intuitive, consistent, easy-to-use design

Beyond the Basics of Mobility for Life Sciences

But that’s only part of the solution. You need more, so why settle for less? We built our software and solutions specifically to meet our customers’ needs – all of them:

Instantly Be Up and Running

Delivered as a complete bundle, Dexterra Mobile Composite Applications run right out of the box and support all your mobile needs. Offering the flexibility that can only come from composite applications, new Dexterra Mobile Solutions can be easily created using existing components. The result is that you can use and customize your mobile applications much faster than ever before.

Maximize Effectiveness

Whatever your Life Science focus, whether it’s pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales, field service or field inspection, managing your business can be quite complex. You need a mobile solution to maximize the effectiveness of sales or service and Dexterra provides just the solution.

See a Measurable Return on Your Mobile Business Software Investment

Any effective mobile application should simplify operations and ensure frontline workers are always productive. For companies in Life Sciences industries, it goes beyond departmental productivity to company performance. The market will only bear a certain price, and given all the regulatory pressures, you don’t have time to waste. The real opportunity lies in wringing every last drop of waste out of the manufacturing lifecycle and customer engagement process. Dexterra has extensive experience providing optimized mobile solutions to a variety of customers within Life Sciences, who are seeing a measurable return on their investments.

Future-Proof Your Mobile Way of Business

Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should the software that supports it. Whether you need to change existing processes to support new business requirements, add more functions to an existing application, or expand to meet the requirements of multiple departments, Dexterra’s solutions for Life Sciences are a fully integrated mobile software suite and can evolve with you every step of the way.

Gain Advantages without Paying the Price

What will it take to make sure your mobile software keeps up with your business and provides all the features you need? In many cases, it requires expensive developers and consultants to hard code changes. In the end, your total cost of ownership skyrockets. With Dexterra, you gain a risk-free mobile solution tailored specifically for Life Sciences and comprised of composite applications developed using tools and languages you already know - .NET and Java. You can easily and cost-effectively modify your Life Science applications to keep pace with your business.

The Mobile Way of Business for Life Science

The following TransApps – intelligent mobile composite applications – are powered by the Dexterra Concert platform and are available today to provide companies in manufacturing industries a path toward a mobile way of business:

  • Mobile Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Mobile Medical Device Sales
  • Medical Instrument Service
  • Mobile Territory Management
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Inventory/Rounds Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Mobile Asset Management

Can a Generic Mobile Application for Any Industry Do all This?

  • Implement quickly and at low cost, yet still map 100% to Life Sciences– and your company-specific business processes and terminology?
  • Come pre-packaged and pre-configured to fully integrate with the most popular back-end systems for Life Sciences?
  • Present a complete view of the information your people need – including context and intelligence – so they make better business decisions in real time?
  • Adapt to business process changes with little to no coding required?
  • Work alone or as part of a mobile software suite rated by Gartner as “visionary”?

Ours can


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