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Field Service

SLA Assurance, Rather Than Angst: Field Service That Truly Delivers

Field service, by its nature, occurs in a mobile environment. The question is how well you’re equipped and how effectively you navigate your entire field service process – even when parts of it occur back at the office.

Any mobile field service application can help you eliminate paperwork and save time; most will help you measure SLA adherence after the fact. Dexterra Field Service gives you visibility into service level agreements while you’re prioritizing your calls so you can send your best field tech to solve the most critical customer issues and let your less experienced techs handle the routine calls.

What's On Your Mobile Field Service Checklist?

While some software vendors can deliver at least some of the features you need and others can deliver most, with Dexterra Field Service, you know you’re covered:
  • Delivers prioritized job information via real-time notification
  • Enables access to critical supporting job information from the field
  • Captures work performance detail including cycle count, item numbers, task performed, time, expense and image capture
  • Manages inventory and delivers automatic supply replenishment notifications
  • Creates up-sell/cross-sell opportunities while on-site with customer
  • Provides work confirmation through digital signature capture
  • Automates field operations through standardized business rules, ensuring consistency, statistical integrity, and high-quality work
  • Ensures availability of customer, contract, SLA, pricing, and product information

Beyond the Basics of Mobile Field Service

But that’s only part of the solution. You need more, so why settle? We built our software specifically to meet our customers’ needs – all of them:

Mobilize Your Field Service Process Fast

Dexterra Field Service – a mobile composite application – provides rich functionality right out of the box designed to support your business processes. It requires minimal integration effort and allows you to easily create new applications using existing components. The result? You can use and customize your software much faster than ever before.

Keep It Simple for Your Field Service Workers

Your field workers need solutions that make their jobs easier, not more complicated. Created by people who have actually done field service work, Dexterra Field Service guides your workers every step of the way with industry-leading best practices built right into Dexterra applications.

Enjoy the Payback from SLA Adherence

Any effective mobile application should simplify your field service activities and data entry, so you can improve field service effectiveness – and your bottom line. The real value is in how easy it is to make intelligent decisions that can drive SLA performance – and customer satisfaction – higher.

Evolve With a Full Mobile Business Software Suite

Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should the software that supports it. Whether you need to change existing processes to address a single need, add more functions to an existing application, or expand to meet the requirements of multiple departments, Dexterra can evolve with you every step of the way.

Don’t Break the Bank When You Mobilize Field Service

What will it take to make sure your field service software keeps up with your business and provides all the features you need? In many cases, it requires expensive developers and consultants to hard code changes. In the end, your total cost of ownership skyrockets. With Dexterra, you gain a risk-free mobile field service solution comprised of composite applications built in languages you already know - .NET and Java. You can easily and cost-effectively modify your field service application to keep pace with your business.

Can Your Field Service Application Do All This?

  • Implement quickly and at low cost, yet still map 100% to your industry- and company-specific business processes?
  • Guide your service people through best practices so they can focus more on customer satisfaction and less on paperwork?
  • Provide complete visibility into customer records and product information regardless of how many back-end systems they reside in?
  • Deliver a future-proof path for evolving your application to match your ever-changing business needs?
  • Adapt to business trends and process changes with little to no coding required?
  • Work alone or as part of a mobile software suite rated by Gartner as “visionary”?

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