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“We are already experiencing a 30% increase in efficiency.” 

- Anthony Schallert, Director of Physical Plants, University of North Carolina

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Asset Management

Less Downtime, More Uptime, Longer Lifetime: It’s Not Just Asset Management; It’s Asset Optimization

Facilities and asset management organizations face constant pressure to increase productivity and eliminate waste – for both their employees and the assets they keep running. Any misstep – whether on the production line or out in the field – draws unwanted attention.

Any mobile asset management application can help you eliminate paperwork and save time. Dexterra Asset Management goes beyond helping you get through your workload; it actually helps reduce it by tracking maintenance schedules, providing on-the-spot information so you can fix it the first time out, and helping you anticipate what breakdowns are likely to occur so you can address them before they do. 

The result? Improved productivity, more efficient operations and – most important – more of the right kind of time. Yours. 

What’s On Your Asset Management Checklist?

While some software vendors can deliver at least some of the features you need and others can deliver most, with Dexterra Asset Management, you know you’re covered:

  • Supports all your facilities and asset management processes, including service, inspections, inventory management, and facilities management, to name a few
  • Enables access to critical supporting job information from the field
  • Delivers the prioritized job information via real-time notification to mobile devices
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory processes and standards
  • Automates field operations through standard business rules ensuring consistency, statistical integrity and high work quality

Beyond the Basics of Mobilizing Asset Management

But that’s only part of the solution. You need more, so why settle? We built our software specifically to meet our customers’ needs – all of them:

Get Mobile Asset Management Up and Running Quickly

Delivered as a complete, pre-integrated bundle, Dexterra Asset Management is a mobile composite application that runs right out of the box and supports all your mobile asset management needs.

Simplify Facilities Management and Asset Management Operations

Whether you are a university, hospital, utility, high-tech manufacturer, or just require services-empowering solutions, the overwhelming number of service records, maintenance schedules, and equipment manuals require a disciplined, yet easy-to-use system for managing the information and accessing it out in the field. Dexterra Asset Management delivers exactly that. 

See Tangible Productivity Improvements

The facilities and asset management functions within any organization are the fire-fighters who combat equipment downtime – which usually happens at the worst possible moment. Any mobile asset management application can help your service workers address your ongoing maintenance needs. Given the unpredictable nature of the work, the real value is in how easily you can start anticipating and fixing issues before they occur. 

Evolve With a Full Mobile Business Software Suite

Your business doesn’t stand still and neither should the software that supports it. Whether you need to change existing processes to address a single need, add more functions to an existing application, or expand to meet the requirements of multiple departments, Dexterra Asset Management is part of a fully integrated mobile software suite and can evolve with you every step of the way.

Gain The Benefits of Advancements without Paying the Price

What will it take to make sure your asset management software adapts to your business process changes and provides all the features you need? In many cases, it requires expensive developers and consultants to hard code changes. In the end, your total cost of ownership skyrockets. With Dexterra, you gain a risk-free mobile asset management solution comprised of composite applications built in languages you already know - .NET and Java. You can easily and cost-effectively modify your asset management application to keep pace with your business.

Can Any Other Asset Management Application Do All This?

  • Implement quickly and at low cost, yet still map 100% to your industry- and company-specific business processes?
  • Map completely to the way your people really work so they can focus more on keeping your equipment running and less on busywork?
  • Come pre-packaged and pre-configured to integrate with the most popular back-end systems for your industry?
  • Present a complete view of the information your people need – including context and intelligence – so they make better business decisions in real time?
  • Help you anticipate and deal with potential issues before they become reality?
  • Adapt to business process changes with little to no coding required?
  • Work alone or as part of a mobile software suite rated by Gartner as “visionary”?

Ours can


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