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The Customer:

Electrolux is the world's biggest manufacturer of kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners and garden machinery. The company produces refrigerators in Mexico for export to the USA.

The Task:

Design, engineering and commissioning of a complete production system for refrigerator cabinets and doors. The system has seven units: bulk & blend, conveying, moulds, metering machine, premixing, fixtures for the cabinet and flexible presses for foam-filling the doors.

The Challenge:

To cut cycle times to an absolute minimum. To design a system with built-in expandability for the future. And to achieve the best combination of these two goals.

The Solution:

Electrolux decided on a single vendor system and first-class quality. For the first time in such a project, KraussMaffei operated as general contractor, supplying all the machines from material conditioning to the moulds. Another important factor was the local presence of highly trained KraussMaffei service technicians.

The Outcome:

Commissioning the system was a complex challenge which Electrolux tackled with masterly skill. Together with KraussMaffei, Electrolux has set an engineering and economic milestone for the white goods industry.

   People for Plastics  

KraussMaffei is one of the biggest names in plastics processing technology, designing, manufacturing and supplying leading edge injection and extrusion equipment.

Committed to continuous improvements and with a solutions-based approach, we work closely with our customers and supply chains to deliver productivity improvements, technological breakthroughs and market-leading innovations.


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