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Captaris Workflow provides any organization with easy, flexible and integrated workflow solutions that result in improved productivity, increased accountability, help with compliancy and added structure around all processes. Captaris Workflow is tightly integrated with Microsoft products such as Outlook, SharePoint Services, Content Management Server and .NET, so you can manage individual work tasks within familiar Microsoft programs. Captaris Workflow also integrates with Captaris RightFax and Captaris Alchemy Document Management to provide complete Business Information Delivery and document automation solutions.

Work-Flow simply is the processing of work from a to z in one business.

Workflow is arguably one of the most powerful software tools that can be applied as part of any process automation solution. It can be viewed as the glue that holds the process together. Workflow can be seen as providing the answer to the questions of what activity is performed when it is performed and who performs it.

Automating workflow clarifies roles, saves time and money and ensures that work is done according to your organization’s best practices. eRAM as a partner to Netways introduces Captaris Work flow .Captaris Workflow delivers the benefits of automated workflow in a solution that is easy to use, flexible enough to work within any business process and integrated with virtually any technology you’re likely to use—in a single department, or enterprise-wide.

The idea of “workflow”—automating any repetitive business or document management process for greater efficiency and accountability—has been around for decades.

But now organizations that have been hesitant about implementing workflow solutions because of workflow complexity, development environment limitations or a lack of adequate integration have an option: Captaris Workflow.

Captaris Workflow makes it easy and cost-effective to automate your processes by simplifying process modeling, working seamlessly in your familiar development environments and integrating with all your key business applications. Captaris Workflow is making workflow not only possible but also easy, flexible and integrated.

Captaris Workflow gives you the flexibility to automate and manage any process anywhere in the world, in any organization size, within any workgroup or IT system.

Make it yours. Captaris Workflow allows you to customize the look and feel of your work- flow applications simply and quickly including any development environment. Flexible, integrated development environment provides developers with drag-and-drop capabilities; thus, use or re-use custom action development and modeling to deploy into different workflow models.

Instant workflow structures easily create or change workflow models using the Captaris Workflow drag-and-drop interface, or instantly import models created in Microsoft Visio. Choose from dozens of sample templates provided to assist with new model designs.

Introducing Captaris Workflow 6.0: Latest Version Delivers Enhanced Microsoft Development Tools and Business Process Management Features

This major upgrade includes important new features for workflow developers, business process analysts and enterprise system architects, and will continue to advance the Captaris advantage of combining workflow development and deployment for the Microsoft .NET Framework along with powerful business process management functionality. Version 6.0 reinforces the value of Captaris Workflow; in addition to managing document-based workflows, it offers a complete workflow development system on which organizations can standardize to automate any business process.

  What’s New in 6.0
bullet First to support workflow design within Visual Studio 2005.
bullet First to support .NET Framework 2.0
bullet Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005
bullet Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.
bullet Simulation Module 2.0. The module makes it easy for a business analyst to simulate several weeks of “what-if” scenarios without impacting everyday business activities

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