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Augmenting Sandvine’s Attack Traffic Mitigation solution is Sandvine Security Operations. Sandvine's security team help protect your subscribers’ online experience 24/7 by ensuring the optimal health of your network.

The services provided by Sandvine's Security Operations team include:

bullet Attack Monitoring: your distant early warning system for new outbreaks
bullet Attack Response: tactical countermeasures for emergency traffic mitigation needs
bullet Attack Signature Updates: automatic updates for improved network  protection
bullet Network Health Report: on-demand reporting of malicious traffic types and activity levels
bullet Secure Network Strategy: proactive recommendations that match the specific needs of your network

The Security Operations Services support Sandvine’s network-based defenses, providing ongoing analysis to ensure the optimal state of readiness in the event of an attack. The global nature of Sandvine security deployments allows the center to function as a 'network telescope,' uncovering malicious traffic threats before they spread around the globe.



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