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Service providers globally face growing challenges in an increasingly competitive business environment. Traditional Internet access services now risk being commoditized along with recent signs that broadband adoption is slowing in several advanced markets. Meanwhile growth in application traffic continues to stress network capacity due largely to the mass-market popularity of bandwidth hungry file-sharing applications.  And a new breed of application providers, not burdened with network investment and operations, are aggressively targeting premium users with a broad range of value-added services. The service provider business environment has never been more challenging.

With a proven technology in leading service provider networks around the world, Sandvine offers a portfolio of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) based policy solutions to address and even profit from these trends. We can help you successfully transition from today's best effort networks to tomorrow's intelligent broadband networks with new and exciting revenue opportunities.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Based Policy Solutions

Sandvine offers a portfolio of DPI-based policy solutions to address immediate business and technical challenges faced by service providers today: managing bandwidth-intensive traffic, controlling malicious threats, enabling new services and identifying application quality trends. These DPI-based policy solutions, built upon our core strengths in application identification and intelligent traffic management, enable service providers to increase their network profitability while improving subscriber satisfaction. And delivering these solutions using our scalable, multi-applications platforms ensures a rapid return on your investment.

Sandvine solutions are built upon the fundamental concept of conditions and actions. Conditions determine when traffic management policies should be activated and include subscriber service entitlement, types of application traffic, and environmental aspects such as network traffic and time of day. Actions are traffic management policies that are triggered by a set of conditions - today's potential actions include optimizing, shaping, marking, protecting, or notifying support systems.  For example, a service provider may want to optimize file-sharing traffic on their network during regular weekday business hours. This simple condition <-> action concept drives our industry-leading solutions portfolio.

More and more service providers are now realizing the benefits of deploying a single, integrated platform with multiple best-of-breed solutions.  Subscriber traffic is only inspected once for several different objectives so fewer network devices are needed. Network architecture is simpler with only a single intelligent network device performing several roles.  Service reliability is higher given fewer potential failure points in the network.  And finally, the solution becomes very cost effective since hardware resources are used efficiently.

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