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Sandvine's Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) Portfolio helps service providers to better profit from application traffic. Our Deep Packet Inspection-Based Policy Solutions address key challenges such as managing bandwidth-intensive traffic, controlling malicious threats, enabling new services and identifying application quality trends. These subscriber-friendly solutions are deployed on a single intelligent platform to simplify the network architecture and ensure a fast return on investment.

Service providers today are focused on DPI-based policy solutions to differentiate and protect their IP service offering. This critical technology must be easily deployed throughout the network and delivered reliably for today's demanding subscribers. Sandvine has recognized these important requirements with the introduction of 10 GE interfaces, performance that scales to an unmatched 80 Gbps and an innovative approach to transparently handle asymmetry in large tier-one networks.
Why deploy a Sandvine PTS platform?

Gain Control and Visibility

Sandvine PTS platforms are high-performance, real-time devices that can be deployed in a wide range of inline and passive configurations. Today most service providers are deploying PTS platforms inline towards the services edge of the network for maximum visibility of subscriber traffic - this ensures application traffic is properly prioritized as it first enters the network and provides complete network-wide reporting.

Recognize True Scalability

Sandvine PTS platforms provide true scalability for extremely cost-effective deployments from small remote hubs to large centralized sites. The PTS 14000 and PTS 8210 platforms offer a broad selection of performance, interface types and port densities that are easily tailored to the wide-ranging sites across large service provider networks. And both platforms deliver the same proven feature set to ensure that subscriber services and traffic management policies are universal across the entire network.

The PTS 14000 architecture delivers up to a remarkable 80 Gbps, easily handling today's growing multimedia traffic. Our Virtual Switch Clusters combine the inspection performance and data ports from multiple PTS 14000 units to deliver the performance necessary at major aggregation points.

Leading Redundancy Options

High availability is critical throughout the services architecture so Sandvine provides a complete range of redundancy features and options. For many service providers, the preferred approach is to introduce n:n+1 redundancy, that is not only extremely cost-effective, but offers more comprehensive protection than simple hardware replication alone. And, integrated interface-bypass capability ensures that subscriber traffic continues uninterrupted in the event of a power failure or major system event.

Seamless Integration

Major service provider networks are prone to asymmetric routes where inbound and outbound traffic for a subscriber follow different routes - making stateful identification impossible. Sandvine has overcome this challenge with unique cluster technology that ensures accurate protocol identification without any changes to the network routing. We also have extensive experience successfully integrating our solution into major service provider networks and operational support systems.

Every service provider network has unique requirements. Let Sandvine recommend the best deployment option to meet your objectives.

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