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Optimizing P2P Traffic in your Network

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File-sharing traffic today continues to dominate service provider networks despite earlier suggestions that Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic would diminish with emerging online services and ongoing industry pressure. This popular technology has become a mass-market application and remains a key driver for broadband adoption in today’s competitive market. And the application of this technology is now broadening with leading commercial organizations already adopting P2P for legitimate content distribution.

The implication is clear – service providers must use intelligent approaches to manage P2P traffic that preserve the subscriber experience while achieving bandwidth savings. Sandvine’s Intelligent Traffic Management solution meets this important challenge with unique P2P routing technology that:

bullet Reduces transit costs by keeping subscriber P2P traffic within the service provider’s network
bullet Improves the subscriber experience through enhanced P2P performance

Sandvine’s PPE 8200 delivers the P2P routing capability of our Intelligent Traffic Management solution. P2P networks, and peering relationships specifically, evolve randomly without any regard for the underlying IP network infrastructure as users continuously join and leave the global community. Our patent-pending technology overcomes the networking inefficiencies that characterize this ad-hoc topology of P2P networks. Broadband service providers gain the ability to prioritize network paths based upon traffic levels and other engineering considerations affecting network performance. The result is significantly lower bandwidth costs while enhancing the subscriber online experience.

While the end-user experience is unaffected, service providers realize reduced costs and improved network efficiencies:


Sandvine P2P Policy Management is deployed

Sample protocol distribution report identifying bandwidth utilization
before and after Sandvine P2P Policy Management (PPE 8200) is deployed.


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