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Residential subscribers have become extremely demanding of broadband service quality as Internet applications become a key part of our lifestyles. These diverse applications, having evolved from simple web browsing towards complex multimedia services, are introducing new challenges for service providers especially since many problems are not even network related. And customers frequently complain of service degradation which requires significantly more time to properly resolve than a complete outage. The result for service providers? Escalating support-related costs and frustrated subscribers who may switch to another service provider for a better online experience.

Sandvine believes that quality trends highlight problems well before they become quality issues affecting subscribers. So our philosophy is to measure quality for each major application given their own unique traffic characteristics and quality experience. Service providers can proactively monitor application Quality of Experience (QoE) and take steps quickly to resolve infrastructure problems that could affect a large number of subscribers. This approach can reduce ongoing Call Center activity and help ensure a smooth, successful introduction of new service provider branded services.

Operational Support Management initially supports QoE analysis for web browsing and VoIP applications. With most service providers aggressively rolling out VoIP services, a proactive tool for monitoring VoIP quality trends has become essential for securing subscribers. Sandvine offers a comprehensive set of quality metrics including VoIP Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), call jitter, call delay, and call packet loss. Using Sandvine’s Network Demographics reporting, service providers can visually identify network problems well before subscribers notice any impact on their VoIP call quality.

Sandvine QoE metrics are easily consolidated across the entire network for a true measurement of VoIP quality that is unavailable from isolated sampling approaches. Service providers can also isolate VoIP quality between specific regions within their network to ensure complete satisfaction for subscribers within their serving area. And Sandvine QoE reporting tracks other valuable call details such as the number of calls between specific regions and the average duration. For example, Marketing can now monitor the growth in call volume and call duration between East and West regions with the introduction of a new flat-rate calling service.


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