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Protecting your Network Right from the Initial Stages of an Attack.

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The Internet is under constant attack. And many residential broadband subscribers remain completely vulnerable as they understand neither the dangers nor the relatively simple steps to avoid even well known exposures. So a service provider’s own subscribers have become a major source of malicious traffic that degrades service not only for the infected subscriber but for surrounding subscribers on the shared network. As a result, service providers have been forced to bear escalating support call costs along with a higher risk of customer churn resulting from frustrations due to poor service quality.

Sandvine’s Network Integrity solution is a managed security service that protects subscriber services against unpredictable attacks. This managed service approach enables service providers to fully benefit from our experienced security professionals who analyze potential threats from major service provider networks around the world. This solution leverages the same strengths of DPI signature analysis and behavioral analysis that isolate evasive file-sharing traffic. Known attacks may be identified using both signature and behavioral thresholds. Unknown attacks also referred to as zero-day attacks, can be immediately identified by preventive behavioral thresholds that are always active across the network. This capability is critical as new attacks are most damaging in the early hours when most networks lack protection using identification signatures. Sandvine Network Integrity provides protection exactly when you need it – always - so potentially damaging attacks won’t affect your subscribers or generate Support Center calls.

Sandvine provides unmatched protection from a broad range of malicious traffic including:




Denial of Service (DoS) attacks


Spam Trojans

Service providers can apply standard policy management to control this traffic while also introducing a captive portal to automatically notify the subscriber that they are infected or otherwise engaging in unacceptable network activity. The captive portal can describe simple step-by-step directions for a subscriber to disinfect their computer along with convenient links to the required software. Using this comprehensive approach, service providers automatically control the network impact and subscriber communications without costly Support Center intervention.

Sandvine Network Demographics reporting provides granular visibility into what is really happening on your network. Both summary and detailed malicious bandwidth reports are available for all types of attacks including worms, DoS and spam Trojans. And by setting up customized alerts, your network operations team will be notified about any unexpected attacks or malicious activity needing immediate attention.

Sample Network Demographics report indicating the amount of bandwidth being consumed by malicious traffic

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