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Do you know what your subscribers are doing online?

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Subscriber behavior has always been difficult to characterize. While this has frequently presented challenges, today it’s become a full-blown knowledge vacuum that threatens your business.

with each passing day, broadband subscribers are falling into identifiable camps defined by their members’ favorite online applications. Failing to understand how your subscriber base breaks-out undermines the rollout of new services. Without granular visibility into network traffic, you’re simply working blind.

You need to know:

  • How many of your subscribers are using “free” VoIP applications like Skype
  • How many XBox Live subscribers are on your network
  • How much bandwidth each of the peer-to-peer file sharing protocols is consuming
  • Which subscribers are your "top-talkers" consuming the most bandwidth, and at what times of day
  • How much bandwidth email, HTML, news groups and streaming radio/video consumes

Finding out requires new strategies that can characterize, quantify and help price subscribers’ online behavior -- opening a window that reveals which subscriber applications offer the greatest potential for profitability.

Without impinging on privacy, Sandvine Network Demographics helps you to identify applications on a per-subscriber basis, providing the insight you need and the tools required to roll out new application-specific service levels that maximize ROI on infrastructure investments, reduce customer churn and increase revenue per customer.

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