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    RIM-Star Compact
    The Rim-Star series of mixing and metering machines are versatile enough to be used in all applications in PUR processing.


    With its RIM-Star series, in the MiniDos, Compact and Modular models, KraussMaffei offers a range of polyurethane mixing and metering machines to suit any production requirements. The modular design allows them to be flexibly configured to customer requirements.


    The RIM-Star Compact is installed complete, together with the control cabinet, on a one-part machine frame. This is a “plug-and-play” machine ready to start operating right away.

    Customer benefits
    • Because of the compact frame concept, the RIM-Star Compact has a smaller footprint and is therefore particularly space saving. li>
    • The RIM-Star machines deliver high product quality and low reject rates.
    • Short high-pressure lines for PUR components provide better control of temperature, pressure and the process.
    • The faster maintenance means reduced downtimes and lower maintenance costs.
    • All components are easily accessible. This reduces the maintenance times.
    • The hydraulic system can be mounted on either side. This simplifies the connection of several machines.
    • A jib boom can be optionally mounted on the machine frame with no additional overheads for external piping.
    • The machines can be equipped with additional modules (for example for gas nucleation).
    • For standalone systems, the PUR components can be heated with inexpensive heating cartridges.
    • The centralized water feed reduces the installation work for local installation.
    • The compact plate heat exchanger mounted on the base frame allows short feed line lengths and meets all processing requirements.

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