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  • RTM metering machines
  • Double-belt metering machine

  • LPE - PE 2061S Epitaxial Reactor
  • Plastics processing
  • Rubber processing

    RTM metering machines
    KraussMaffei supplies RTM metering machines in the form of pump or piston machines, as two or three-component models, for processing different resin systems.


    The temperature profile between the tank and mixing head for resin and curing agent is monitored continuously. The systems are equipped with rustproof metering pumps for the curing agent. The tanks can be evacuated.


    A reproducible resin/fibre ratio is achieved in operation. The part weight lies within narrow tolerances. The dispensing rate depends on the injection pressure. That reduces the time for the production cycle. The machines can be used for both multi-point metering and internal release-agent metering. They are equipped with state-of-the-art control systems and data acquisition.

    Customer benefits

    • RTM metering machines are suitable for processing different resin systems.
    • RTM metering machines can achieve high productivities.
    • Continuous machine monitoring results in high production stability.
    • Processing is clean, environmentally sound and efficient.

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