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  •  CX series

    The CX series covers the small and medium-sized clamp force ranges. It is distinguished by its high flexibility, cost effectiveness and high part quality. CX series machines are available in clamp forces from 350 to 6,500 kN. In coming months, the CX series will be continually expanded up to clamp forces of 4,200 kN.


    At the heart of the CX series is the consistent further development of the innovative twin-platen technology introduced by KraussMaffei. The series is modular offering a large number of possible combinations. The advantage for customers is that they can find a machine solution suitable for their specific production requirements in the KraussMaffei programme. They can put together their own tailored machines from more than 100 possible combinations of clamp units and injection units. KraussMaffei also offers an extensive catalogue of functions with a large number of further options that you can easily retrofit according to requirements:
    • Injection pressure up to 3,000 bar specific
    • High-temperature plasticizing up to 450 C
    • High screw speed (hydraulic)
    • Electrical screw drive
    • Parallel operation for ejector/core puller
    • Pressure accumulator for enhanced injection performance
    • Technology packages for processing thermosets, polyesters and silicone
    • Hot-runner and cascade control
    • Process-engineering control extensions
    • Options for process control and internet connection

    The impressive characteristic of the CX series are the four clamp cylinders that introduce the clamp force absolutely symmetrically and ensure uniform clamp-force distribution. The all-hydraulic clamp system with integrated drive cylinders ensures rapid, dynamic opening and closing.

    Twin-platen clamp unit

    The twin-platen clamp unit from KraussMaffei is compact and fast, requires low maintenance, prolongs the mould life and ensures excellent platen parallelism. It also offers generous space in the ejector zone. The free clamp system behind the moving platen makes it easy to reach into the ejector zone during tool set-up and adjustment. The twin-platen clamp unit makes it easy to perform special processes or meet special requirements. The outstanding accessibility in the clamp area is ideal for the integration of automation solutions.

    Injection technology

    The CX series offers the correct injection unit and optimum screw design for any production task. The plasticizing screw is required to meet exacting performance requirements. It must deal with continual increases in plasticizing rates, keep melt temperatures low, improve mixing and homogenization rates and cover new processes that stretch the processing window.
    KraussMaffei meets these challenges by offering mixing and high-performance screws (HPS-UN and HPS AT) in addition to our standard screws. We also have special screw and plasticizing solutions for special applications such as the processing of long glass-fibre-reinforced or crystal-clear polymers. The CX series offer a powerful injection unit that does not stress the material and is low wear.


    The CX series features a precise, flexible and modular hydraulic system. It is characterized by an economical control pump drive, rapid responses and reliable control valves. The hydraulic components are connected to the centralized machine control via state-of-the-art bus technology. Effective, rapid and reliable data processing ensures optimum machine availability and product quality. To boost machine performance, the hydraulic system can be easily retrofitted with accumulators and additional pumps. A new oil-filter concept with filter of the primary and secondary streams ensures that the hydraulic oil has a long lifetime.
    The product portfolio is rounded off with hybrid drive concepts including an electrical screw drive, electrical injection unit and electrical ejector.

    Control system

    All CX machines are equipped with the MC 5 microprocessor control system. The control is easy to operate and avoids input errors. It features a straightforward, clearly presented display, with the important information highlighted. All the most important control parameters are easily accessible, assigned to functions and permit sensitive process control even for complex sequences of machine operations.

    Customer benefits
    • The compact twin-platen clamp unit from KraussMaffei saves space and prolongs the mould life. That increases productivity of acceptable parts and part quality.
    • The new optimized cladding ensures excellent accessibility, and increases transparency of troubleshooting This can reduce machine adjustments and set up times and increase machine availability. Servicing and maintenance can be carried out quickly and easily. The larger dimensions (optional) permit higher mould weights, larger platen dimensions and opening strokes. Stack moulds and multicavity moulds, and complex technologies can be used.
    • Plasticizing units with extremely long service lives optimize melt quality and process stability and increase throughput. The standard plasticizing unit is suitable for a wide range of applications. Wear is minimized.
    • The improved hydraulic and electrical systems reduce consumption of energy and cold water. Average energy consumption is only 25 percent of the installed power. The oil sump integrated in the machine bed is environmentally sound, since no oil can escape. The reliable, precision-controlled hydraulic system ensures constant process control and high availability.
    • Thanks to the modular machine concept, the CX series offers higher scope for combination to meet individual manufacturing solutions.
    • The MC 5 microprocessor control ensures easy and reliable machine operation.
    • The CX series is designed to allow any automation solution to be easily integrated into the manufacturing process.

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