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Diagram EDI e-Banking
Eram in partnership with InCube offering Diagram EDI software editor for e-Banking and for secure Electronic Data Interchange. With more than 200 clients within 160 Banks and French and International Financial Institutions, DIAGRAM EDI is one of the major actors in e-Banking software edition.

DIAGRAM EDI’s offer is destination to all banks & Financial institutions' clients.
A complete and open-ended line of products, combined with a diversified service offer has enabled DIAGRAM EDI to become a major actor in the field of Financial Electronic Data Interchange.

DIAGRAM e-Banking is an On-line Banking software solution aimed at all kinds of Banks and Financial Institutions, whatever the market segment for their clients (private, professional, sales, small and medium-sized businesses and industries, large companies and Groups).

software solution is  an "à la carte" range of communication medias offering the following modules: 

  • Internet
  • eMail
  • SMS
  • Wap
  • Multi-protocol file transfer (ETEBAC 1 to 5, EDI 3, EDI 5, FTAM, PeSIT, FTP etc.)
  • Messaging (X400, TEDECO, etc.)
  • Voice
  • Fax
  • Etc.

All in One solution:

The solution is based on a global platform which integrates multiple communication media built around the core of the solution, EDI Bank Server:

  • Retail & Corporate Web: Internet Banking destinated to individuals and professionals
  • SMS Manager: displaying banking information through SMS (texto)
  • WAP Manager: exchange of banking services via the mobile phone
  • Voice Manager: interactive voice server exchanging transactions and information via the phone
  • Fax Manager: automatic broadcast of financial information to customers
  • eMail Manager: secure exchange of financial information through e-mail
  • File Transfer: upload and download of banking information between the bank and its corporate clients

Functional and technical diversity in a modular way:

  • DIAGRAM e-Banking offers Banks a range of standard banking services fully comprehensive and perfectly secure accessible through a wide variety of channels, in an "all-in-one" software solution.
  • The services and media managed by DIAGRAM e-Banking, aimed at different client categories are grouped into work orientated packages (Retail, Professional, Corporate), thus giving each Bank the possibility of varying their offer according to their clients' expectations.

The modules

  • Internet
  • eMail
  • SMS
  • Wap
  • Multi-protocol file transfer (ETEBAC 1 to 5, EDI 3, EDI 5, FTAM, PeSIT, FTP etc.)
  • Messaging (X400, TEDECO, etc.)
  • Voice
  • Fax

Key Technologies

  • Runs on Windows®, AIX, SUN SOLARIS, HP-UX
  • C++, Java Applets and Servlet
  • Oracle
  • SSL V3, X509, PKCS7
  • Several security devices: Token, smart card, mini CD
  • HTML, javascript, XML, XSL
  • EAI integration

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