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New Bridge Global Investments is “private investment vehicle” that was designed to allow ultra-high net worth investors the opportunity to invest their capital - with preferential terms to the broader market - directly alongside leading global financial institutions and participate in large scale, world-class private equity transactions that would not otherwise be available to them.

New Bridge invests, on a selected basis, into global private equity transactions originated by investment banking firm Nova Capital Partners, LLC in conjunction with Nova's investment partners which include best of breed financial institutions from around the world. These include hedge funds, pension funds, private equity funds, and multinational insurance companies.

By investing alongside Nova's institutional investment partners, New Bridge investors realize a significant, tangible benefit and comfort level that is derived from participating as a member of an investment syndicate comprised of the world's most successful and experienced institutional investors.

New Bridge investors benefit from the same rigorous pre-investment management and due diligence conducted by the funds' primary institutional investors during the investment cycle on a transaction. New Bridge investors enjoy the same meticulous investment process, risk management, legal and financial due diligence, and investment committee scrutiny that the institutional investors use in closing the transaction.

Geographic Diversification

New Bridge offers geographic diversification to our investors by providing access to world class private equity investment opportunities spanning four (4) continents.

The fund allows High Net Worth Investors the unique opportunity of participating in "tier 1" institutional deals throughout Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia and puts their money to work directly alongside the world's most sophisticated financial institutions.


New Bridge invests in private equity transactions that are of considerable size.

Typical deal sizes range from 50M-500M USD.

This allows for New Bridge to invest its capital in world class transactions that are usually reserved only for the worlds largest most sophisticated, private equity investors.


Because of its affiliation with Nova Capital Partners and its direct access to Nova's deals, New Bridge is able to participate directly in these transactions.

  • Experienced team of global investment banking and fund management professionals that have worked together for ten (10) years with aggregate industry experience of over 80 years.

  • Leverages the combined strengths and skills required to originate and manage high quality private equity investments around the world.

  • Has a physical presence in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. providing direct access to, and management of, investments in these and other regions

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